Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday's Post ( sorry I couldn't think of a better title)

                  Happy Thursday everyone.

                              Sooooo, for a year now..(maybe more) I have struggled to keep up with this blog. I love to write so it baffled me as to why I could not sit and write like before. I kept trying to reignite the spark and poof it was out again before I could even start.

Soooo. I have decided to do one of the following:

                              (1) delete the blog

                    (2) create a new blog


                    (3) Sell everything and move to Alaska

                              (4) none of the above

It's 4. 

I'm requesting a do-over.

A do-over! Why didn't I think of this before? Considering my Christian faith is full of Do-overs ....repenting and forgiveness and starting anew...that's it!

So that's what I'm doing.

Lets begin.

       This is the kind of day where I usually say to myself  " Okie dokie....Let me tackle that laundry and then the kitchen then the basement and while I'm at it... rearrange all the drawers in the whole house!!!!
                                                Image result for cleaning like crazy

I promise myself that all the things that I HAVE to do will Have to wait until I can catch up on all the things I've been dreading to do...

I go downstairs and look at the laundry and climb the mountain of soiled clothes and vow to conquer it and place that flag on the tippity top.

I do one load and forget that it's still in the washing machine hours later.

I go to tackle the basement..."I'm a freakin' ninja!!!!" I tell myself. I'm going to karate, judo,taekwondo the heck out of this place.
                                Mrs doubtfire cleaning

I start to look at the pictures that were never put into photo albums and smile at my silly kids faces on countless halloweens. The place ends up looking worse because of me trying to Organize everything.

then there's the kitchen....but you get the gist.

As I stand there in the kitchen eating a pudding pop wondering what to clean next; I look at my dog who is shedding like crazy and I wonder if there are people out there who create stuff from dog hair...

I went to my computer and Yes, there are.
They have time and energy to make hats from Fido's dander, but I can't seem to find time to fold my clothes and put them AWAY!

I need some kind of stinkin' intervention... and as my friends and family surround me and tell me how my disorganization has affected them negatively...I will put dust cloths and vacuums, and mops in their hands...

Wha? No good?

Darn it, I guess I have to get to work....but wait...

                                   Just one more pudding pop.


  1. Nice to see your post, i really relate to the clothes forgotten about in the washer or dryer, this happens to me alot!! My basement is a mess and i try to avoid it, if i manage to keep my kitchen table clean so we can eat there together as a family that makes me very happy. LoL


    1. Thank you for your comment. The condition of the kitchen table at times has caused me to cry! You're right...I always feel so much better if the table is clear. Have a great day!
      Blessings, Joanne


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