Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thinking at 2am

                    Its 2am ....


          I can't sleep so I just start thinking...

              after weeks of absolute delicious weather..(seriously I was Christmas shopping in a T shirt!) winter is finally here. The wind bites at my face and my ear aches from the cold. My dreams are not of soft falling snow, but of Spring time and gardens yet to be planted.

                  I want to move.

                               Then.....I don't.

             I want to sell the house and move to somewhere where 350,000                        actually gets you a huge home instead of a tiny cape.

             I want to enjoy a garden all year round and not dream of it for 7                        months of the year.

My Husband and I go back and forth.  

Some days wanting to live our retirement years in Florida...

Then thinking that we'd only live there during the winter months.


That's what I want! I want to be a snow bird! I want to live in Florida November through April...then spend May Through October in a tiny Cabin in the woods in the North East.

This is the Dream. A very expensive dream.

So recently I introduced a different plan to the Hubster.

                            An RV. A getaway on wheels.

           Something like THIS.....

                               Image result for huge RV

with an interior like this...
                                  Image result for Expensive RV interior
                                                                              source RV is definitely do-able

Though the one we can afford may very likely look like this....

                          Image result for smallest rv ever

I wonder if the scooter comes with a seat warmer for those chilly night drives

Ahh, one can only dream..........


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