Saturday, December 10, 2016

Back to My Happy Place

           OK, Taking a little too long of a breather

                       Will I ever write anything again?

                                Have I let "Life" tackle and keep me down?

                                        Has my Mojo abandoned and kicked me to the curb?

When no one I knew read my blog...I sat down tirelessly everyday to write and write. It was awesome to have comments from bloggy buddies and others who did not know me. They came back often and I visited them.

Something happened though when others that I knew in person found my blog.

I started to feel a bit cautious and exposed...weird right?

The blog was "taking too much time" Husband would say. Writing here was my release from the push and pull of the day. I went from HAVE TO to WANT TO as I put the stress behind me and wrote away on my slow computer. He didn't understand...but as he complained I started to feel a time crunch.

Some would stop by and didn't agree with what I was writing....

      ...  AND?

Some, (when they found out about my blog) never bothered to read it at all. If I must be honest I don't know which bothered me more.

When I was hidden behind just my first name I felt a freedom and joy that I hadn't felt in a long time when it came to writing. This blog was my own little space and no one else's. The rules were mine to follow and change at MY will. It was important to me; and because it was important to me I thought people would understand. The only ones who did were the bloggers who also found their happy Writer's place in their own blogs.
                           Image result for bloggers

This year was a tough one.

Both my In-laws suffered life threatening illnesses which have left them both in need of nursing care that stay throughout the day. My own Mother needs constant care and attention. My daughter graduated and is now attending her first semester away at college. I miss her.  My stress, sadness and a bit of loneliness has kept me from this little blog. Too many changes in such a short amount of time has really given me a one two punch.
                                         Image result for knocked out cartoon

I guess the clincher was about a week ago when the doctor called about my annual physical....Cholesterol was HIGH

Um, maybe my test was switched with someone else's?

 She mentioned my weight gain

                    how dare she!

I have got to change this. I cannot change anything until I change myself.

So the very next day I started. I've changed my diet. (OK, I cheated last night...It was the annual Church Women's Christmas party)

I'm countering the fatigue that I feel with juicing once a day.

This week I will be starting an exercise routine.

Oh, and I'm going back to blogging....I don't give a damn what people think. I'm getting my Happy place back

With all these changes in my life there plenty to write about.


  1. Get back to your Happy Place and write to your heart's content.

  2. My family know I blog, but generally they don't read it which is a good thing, it is my blog and I like to be able to write what I want

    1. I've been reading the same from a lot of bloogers....maybe it is a good thing family doesn't stop by the blog Tee hee!!!

  3. YEAH!!! I am so glad you are back, I MISSED you. And wondered often if you were sick or what. My cholesterol has been high for years. Diet would not lower it, and the doctor said sometimes it is just hereditary. So we both take a statin pill every night. It has worked wonders. I'm so sorry about your mom and in-laws!! You mean that your real life friends were critical of your blog?? (Not that we AREN'T real!!). Well, here is what many experience. There are family and friends, and there are blog friends. And never the twain shall meet! My own son and his family NEVER read my blog. Yes, it does still hurt. But I have found that we bloggers love to post and visit others, and the rest of the world are just NOT blog people! We are a community unto ourselves. I SURE agree, our blogs are our outlets to post whatever we want. If people don't like what we post, they don't have to read it. Bloggers are supposed to support and uplift each other. We seem to know that, and non-bloggers don't. And you know what? There are perks to family not reading our blogs. Because then we can post our complaints and worries about them and get feedback. And they will never know. Welcome home!!!!!

    1. Ginny Thank You so much! Its good to be back!

  4. Good for you! I for one, am glad you are back!! Life has been so busy for me that I don't find the time to visit blogs much. I make it through the links for SYC and try to respond to those who comment on my blog, but sometimes don't get to that. Believe it or not, but I often think of you and many other blogging friends that I made an early connection with. If I could receive an e-mail when you post I would love that! Don't see it on your sidebar. I always enjoyed your posts. I am glad that blogging makes you happy! I feel the same way. I think it is losing it's popularity and Instagram is taking over, but hopefully I'll be here till the end. :)

    1. Hi Jann, I don't care if it's not popular anymore. I love my bloggy buds and if they're am I!


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