Wednesday, November 07, 2018


                     Its been a while, I think I started about a dozen posts...and abandoned all of them.

              Time passed and I had a another birthday. When I turned 50 it didn't really phase me. I actually thought I looked good for 50 and reveled in the fact that I still don;t have to color my hair! (Thank you dad for you genes). This year however...was a bit different. It was like a slap in the face. I feel 55... really feel 55.

               I started to feel a bit down.
Image result for sad old lady cartoon
  a bit sad.



Is it because I feel that the large portion of my life is behind me?


I still have a lot to look forward to.

Is it because I no longer turn heads?...

I still turn them...maybe for NOT the same reason as in my 20's, but I turn them just the same.

Is it because my baby is about to go off to college in less than a year?

No. I am sad about that but...that's not what has me in a knotted twist of angst.
                                        Image result for old lady anxiety cartoon

No, none of these reasons are it.

The reason is ...that soon after my birthday I realized that I can officially live in the same apartment complex as my 80-old-MOM...she lives in a 55 and over....

Bingo night and Oldies Dance I come....ugh


  1. I haven't seen you in forever! These retirement homes aren't such a bad thing. No yard work, and you get your meals and some maid service. But I think you are a LONG way from that!! Enjoy NOW, and leave the rest to God.


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