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Saturday, December 22, 2012





With the stomach flu paying a visit, colds, regular stress that comes from taking care of an elderly parent, an oil burner that said "I've had it!" and stopped working altogether and the added saddness of the state of our world...add to that a sprinkling of a house that looks like Santa and his elves came and vandalized 'Da joint'.

 then theres my hair...


I am DONE....

and that's not DONE in a good way like "Oh, my house looks great and presents are all wrapped under the tree kind of DONE... I mean



 So I have decided to re-post something that I wrote a few years ago. I have to remember to stop fretting and just go with the flow. I have to remind myself... It can always be worse.

                  A Town Called Stressville

          We haven't mailed out Christmas cards yet.  I have not finished my Christmas shopping yet and I am beginning....no...no...no....I'm there... A town called Stressville.

I live not too far from Migraine Rd. and I'm almost directly across from Calgon take me away St.  Do you know the place? Well today I went down to do some shopping at Crowds r Us, but first I stopped by Can't Find a Freakin' Parking Spot Place.

There I bought some curses that came all wrapped up in someone mouthing something that looked to me like they were saying "Folk Stew" but then again I can't read lips.

 I stopped by the Pile On the Pounds Bakery and purchased a cannoli in my favorite flavor "Double Chin Surprise". Don't get me wrong this is my town and it's home for now...but come December 26th.....I'm OUTTA HERE!

Gotta Laugh or else I'd cry.


Hope this put smiles on your faces and if you are feeling the way I am or worse...God Bless you! Hang in there. 


  1. OH, you poor thing!!! If I was there, I would make you take a long hot bubble bath, tuck you in for a good nap and sing you a lullaby!! I am so sorry you are sick!!! The stomach flu is going around here really bad. Fortunately for me I did not get it yet. Instead I nearly bled to death! But hey, that does not last as long or make you as sick as the stomach flu!!! You and I are having a crazy Christmas!!!!

  2. Oh Ginny you are so sweet but it was my son who had the stomach flu...it got him bad! Poor little thing. He is much better now, but because everyone had colds and flu and all of the other stuff...I am Sooo behind! At this rate Christmas might be a month late at our house!

  3. I hear you...I'm in the same boat. Merry Christmas!

  4. Rest and relax and have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Yep, at some point, we're all done! Hope your Christmas is wonderful!

  6. Oh girlie! I so hope you are better! This crud seems to be worse this year, it circled our house for over a month. I just wanted to scream and run to a hotel for someone else to do the laundry :)


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