Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fire Dept. Parade of Lights

      Every year the Fire Department has a parade of lights. They decorate the fire trucks with tons of lights and they all get dressed in costumes. They blare the horns as they enter predetermined sites and the children clap and smile.

We go every year.

The one aspect of the lights parade that I love is the Nativity scene they pull on a trailer.

This year the horns blared, the lights sparkled and the Volunteer Firefighters waved and smiled.

I looked for the car pulling the manger and Three wise men..and it was missing!!!!

They had Frosty the Snowman, The Grinch, Rudolf. They even had a Menorah, but where was the Nativity scene?

Had they forgotten?

Was this another case of people wanting to take Jesus out  altogether from Christmas?

I was disapointed.

and starting to get a bit miffed.




A car hurried into the parking lot towing The Nativity scene.

There were the three wise men, Mary Joseph and Baby Jesus waving and smiling

I heard a child say..."I knew they would come! I guess Mary had to Change the Baby Jesus' diaper." He smiled and happily ate a small candy cane as if it was the most awesome candy ever.

God bless the children, in their innocence they see the world not how it is but how it should be.

Now more than ever we pray for a world as seen through children's eyes..Loving, fair, safe and hopeful


  1. A beautiful post! The photos are beautiful!

  2. Looks like a lovely parade....and there really shouldn't be a Christmas parade without the 'reason for the season'.

  3. Merry Christmas Joanne! I am glad they didn't forget the nativity car. I was also glad to see that in my Grand-daughter's school choir they are still singing the traditional Christmas songs not forgetting Jesus.

  4. what a fun time and a beautiful parade. Merry Christmas

  5. What a fun parade! Glad it was complete! I am cheered by those who remember why we celebrate Christmas. It seems that I've heard more people (cashiers in stores especially) wishing "Merry Christmas" this year. It cheers me up, and renews my faith in humanity!

  6. I like this neat parade...glad they had Jesus in it

  7. Amen to that. Thanks for the beautiful sentiment.
    Blessings for a warm, peaceful Xmas and New Year's.


  8. Ahhh how fun!! I so love the nativity one!


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