Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fillin' up the Pantry

My computer sucks
My computer sucks
My computer sucks
My computer is El Stinko

That has been my mantra, why not a more positive saying you ask? Well, its the only thing that stops me from throwing out this dilapidated piece of crapity crap out the window!!!!
I have promised myself that no matter what this stupid stinking computer puts me through today....I will write a STINKIN' POST!!!!!

OK then, I feel better.

Now back to saving a bit of doe ray mee ( as my Mother-in-law says)

You may wonder how the heck people are able to stock pile. That is when they have a pantry that is packed with food items. Many could survive on their stockpile for weeks and even months. I used to think  ehh whats the big deal? I'll just use my coupons and whatever else I can get then I will do so and put that in my "pantry".

 OK,. when I write pantry I meant that I had a small Tupperware box in my basement that was half filled with extra toilet paper rolls, a couple bottles of dish soap and one can of soup.



Anthony from Grits and Groceries: Anthony Stemke
"I am not much of a consumer, and the knockoff brands are still cheaper after the coupons. I see successful coupon people, but they have a huge pantry."

Mare Ball  from ADVENTURES IN THE BALLPARK wrote "We coupon too. I stockpile too, so I never have to buy certain items at full price."

I was in awe of people's pantries...How the heck did they do it? I was barely able to get the essentials when I went grocery shopping much less getting extras to store away.

Well, I found out that I was doing my grocery shopping all wrong. Now did you know that grocery store sales are cyclical? I didn't.

Yep, every 8- 12 weeks or so the same items tend to go on sale again and again.

I make some kind of pasta dish every week. I have noticed that that brand of pasta that I like to use goes on sale a few times during that 12 week period, but only once does it go on sale for a dollar a box.

This is when I get 10 to 12 boxes of different kinds of pasta( enough to last me three months) This way It enables me to have that pasta in my pantry at its lowest possible price.

You might can I possibly know when these will go on sale?

At first you are going to have to do a bit of good old fashioned note taking. Make a list of the items you buy on a regular basis. Jot down the regular price...then when you see the item again at a lower price mark that down too with the date of course.

 Mark down Week one, week two and the sales for those weeks. Chances are that eventually you will see that your item is priced at it's ultimate rock bottom price. That is when you buy enough to last you for 8 to12 weeks. Once you are keeping a log you will eventually know when those rock bottom prices are about to occur. Lets say you go through a box of cereal every two weeks- then you make sure you buy 6 to last you until the next sale.

OK, now this part is very very important....remember those coupons? This is where they come in. By now you have saved coupons and now know what items are due to go on sale...clip them and use them with the items at rock bottom prices to get super savings!

In addition to 8 to 12 week cycles in sales. there are monthly cyles too. Yep, The best time to buy chips and dips, snack foods, oatmeal, tea? JANUARY~~ chips in January...Why? The super Bowl!!!!


FEBRUARY: Chocolate, Chinese food items, soups, heart healthy products

MARCH: Frozen foods

APRIL: Hams, Lamb, Kosher foods

MAY: Soda, BBQ stuff, condiments, soda

June Yogurt, Cheese, ice cream

JULY: Hot dogs, picnic items, Ketchup, Mustard

AUGUST:  Back to school supplies

SEPTEMBER:  Breakfast foods,

OCTOBER: candy, pizza, pasta

NOVEMBER: Turkey, soups, canned veggies, baking supplies

DECEMBER: Baking supplies, prime rib, frozen rolls and cookies

The list might change slightly but you get the gist. And it make sense. Mustard and ketchup are a great deal in the summer but there will be a few times that it will be super low and that is when you can buy enough for the whole year! ( beware of the expiration dates if you do this)

Now, you have scouted and found out when things will go on Rock bottom sales; Remember different weeks will give you different items on sale.

Now why buy enough for 8 to12 weeks? Because this way you will always have your items on hand and you won't have to buy them at a high price when you run out. Now lets say you just don't have the time to go through lists and reciepts to find out the best time to buy....Do you have an Aldi's supermarket nearby or another type of no frills place?

Recently one opened near me and it is my new favorite "go to place". Great deals and at times better than prices with coupons.

Why stockpile? by the way I hate that word....
How 'bout I write well stocked pantry.

I learned recently the importance of having a stocked pantry.  HURRICANE SANDY

Even after the storm the supermarkets themselves were low on EVERYTHING... and what's worse many were not taking debit or credit cards so if money was not taken out of the bank before the storm you were out of luck.

So ?.... why not just go somewhere that was more stocked or did take credit cards...Even if there was  ( which there weren't) There was still one obstacle...Gas. There was none.

It was like this domino effect that happened at light speed.

Last year during Hurricane Irene a person I know admitted she didn't take that storm seriously. When day three came around she ran out of food for her family. She told me " Joanne, I felt like such a failure for not being more prepared.". She was able to hang out with some relatives near-by .

She was lucky then because she had somewhere to go to.... This time around she and her Husband took this storm very seriously and they were all prepared.

With the stuff I had in my pantry I was able to care for my family and my Mother and a few of her elderly neighbors that were unable to leave their apartments.
What sort of things should you have in your well stocked pantry??

Well, lets's my list...

Ok, wrong list. This is my DREAM pantry.

 Things like canned soups and rice (in sealed plastic containers)...These two items can be such a God-send in times of need.

Susan Kane from The Contemplative Cat  wrote : "They never ( her Children) knew that Campbell's Chunky soup was meant to be 2 servings and wasn't supposed to be served on rice to feed the five of us. "

The secret? Planning. Plan those meals and little by little add onto that pantry.  There is a saying...Fail to plan...plan to fail.

Maybe I should make that my mantra...It'll keep my mind off of my crapity computer.


  1. Whoa, you have been gone a long time!!! I guess the computer? So frustrating, but I did get a huge kick out of crappity crap. Guess that is crap times two and I get the point. You are getting so organized that my head is spinning and I need a nap, but best to be prepared. I may go and buy up all the chocolate...

  2. I have never thought about stockpiling in case of an emergency but then again, we dont get the weather extremes that you do.
    I do however buy multiples when things are on special, so I generally have what i consider a well stocked pantry.
    Except for chocolate, I never have enough of that

  3. I missed you! Maybe Santa can bring you a new computer? :)

    This is great info here about what goes on sale when. I have definitely noticed the baking goods on sale here and am trying to build up my butter (which would be like your chocolate ;) ) supply.

  4. I learned early to stockpile toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, toothpaste, shave cream....the inedibles you know...because SOMEONE in the house would never tell me when he used up the last of something lol.

  5. Welcome back!! Excellent post with great ideas.

  6. I love the little video about your computer. Your computer may frustrate you, but you are so creative with it.

    My pantry could use some help.

  7. These computer videos are so funny...I am glad you found a way to post. Your pantry tips are great

  8. Having been through Irene and Sandy in the past year or so, I've really tried to keep our pantry stocked. Good tips!


  9. all good points! Once I learned coupons are cyclical, that helped too. Just to clarify, my "stockpile" is the guest room closet. :-) I don't have a basement, or garage lined with shelves. And I don't usually have more than 3 items extra. We donate anything beyond that. :-)


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