Saturday, March 29, 2014

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~The Art of Color Pencils

        When I was in 6th grade we studied Greek Mythology. I was entranced by the stories and the images that filled my mind. I fell in love with  the name Persephone and was convinced that I would grow up and name my daughter that name....I am sure my daughter is grateful that I did not, but I still think it's a cool name.

        Anyway, The teacher announced that there would be a class project and we would all collaborate to create our own Greek Mythology book.

           A lucky student would have their work chosen to be the cover.

                 More than anything I wanted my art to be chosen.

                          I painstakingly tried my best to draw a perfect cover.  It was well after my bed time and I was still erasing and drawing erasing and drawing again. My Mother peeked in and said "Joanne, it's getting late; aren't you finished yet?" I pleaded for her to let me stay up a bit longer. I just needed my picture to be perfect. Once my lines were drawn out I carefully used my colored pencils to shade and fill in my artwork.

The next day I happily went to school and I was positive that mine would be the one chosen for the cover.

                I stood on line waiting to turn in my work...

                                   Then I saw my friend "Elizabeth's" entry. 

                                              She used real art paper. Her colors were numerous and her shading was perfection. The togas of the people on her work were flowy and even the tiniest detail looked like a professional had created it.

I looked at my own work and suddenly I wasn't as hopeful.

            I had only four or five colored pencils and my shading was almost non existent. Where I did not see them before, eraser marks were now very very numerous and noticeable.

        My work was not chosen for the cover.

                   When it came time for the big test however, I recieved one of the highest grades in the class.

Now I have a closet full of art supplies and whenever my children have a project due they always go there for some inspiration.

 I admit I have helped them and they might say that I helped a teensy weensy bit too much.

 Ex: My Daughters native American shoe box project. Hers was the only one with a hand crafted polymer clay tee pee and  felt fabric stream and there might have been a camp fire made from colored tissue paper. There was also rumored to be peg with a papoose on her back, but I digress...

             Here is an Artist who can never ever say she has run out of colored pencils. This is an ad for Faber-Castell pencils but the art made from them is Amazing! Please enjoy

                      Uploaded to You Tube by: TROY

                    Here is another video. This time the artist creates an incredible won't believe your eyes! She uses colored pencils to make one of the most realistic drawings I have ever seen! Her name is Lisa and she is the artist behind Lachri Fine Art    enjoy!!!

                    Posted to You Tube by: Lachri Fine Art  
                                                            Artist: Lisa

Have a Colorful Weekend!!!

                       Blessings, Joanne


  1. Wow...I stand in awe of her creativity.

  2. Hi Delores, i was in awe too!

  3. A box of colored pencils or crayons always made me happy! Too bad I'm not at all gifted in that area!


  4. I saw a sign the other day
    "Money can't buy you happiness..but it can buy coloured pencils"
    Love my pencils although I dont use them nearly enough

  5. We are so the same, I can't help myself!

    I love you encourage and help them :)


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