Monday, March 31, 2014

My Dog is a Cheater

 I always knew my dog was up to something....

              I knew that he was a bit sneaky

                         and resourceful

                 He has an air about him

                            a Je ne sais quoi

 But I never imagined he would cheat on us

        I never thought he was a doggy bigamous

                When I found out I was shocked.

            How could he???!!!! Say it ain't so Max!

               How did he manage the plane fare?

         Where in the world did he get a passport?

              How did he hail a cab to the airport??

All these questions and more I have asked myself over and over again

          Then I took a look at his other "family"
                                      Baby George is too cute! New official photo of Kate, William and George released

  And I said to myself It's just a matter of time before he gives us the old heave ho.

He's probably got his own butler....lucky dog.


  1. The face is quite similar but I understand the royal dog is a cocker spaniel. Cocker Spaniels are known for being a tad nippy...the young prince had best beware.

    1. Hi Delores, we don't exactly know what our dog is, but he is a bit nippy...especially with our mailman!

  2. Too funny!!! I love the way the baby and the dog are looking at each other in this picture!

    1. Hi Ginny! Oh how I have missed you! Yes I think the picture is adorable too!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Mindy, so glad you got a laugh from this post!


  4. What a wonderful post! Your blog was listed on another person's blog who is participating in the Blogging A-Z Challenge (whew, that was a mouthful). I will return as I thoroughly enjoyed your musings about your dog. My husband have one pup (4 years old) and four kitties (the youngest is 3) and we have some fund stories as well. Don't they add such joy to our lives? Keep up the good work - happy blogging!

    1. Hi Diane, I'm So glad you enjoyed it! Good luck with the A to Z challenge!

  5. teeeheee....oh MAX! You, you.....adorable dog, you! Look where you ended up! But you are a faithful boy, I can see it in your eyes! Don't worry Joanne, I hear tell on good authority that he was just visiting, preparing the accommodations for YOU for a dream trip to Europe. No worries!Max has it in the bag! teeheeeee

    What a darling story for a chilly morning for me to wake up to, and to also find your kind comment on my post. Yes, that little lamb really is the representation for the season, for our Lamb of God is the whole reason we have hope, faith and love in our world now, and in the eternal future. Thank you so much for visiting. Enjoy your week! Anita

  6. I went to your link up about about your story....hugs to you, healing forever, hope always. Anita

  7. I can't see the first or last image. Darnit. My computer's being a brat. But I can assure you, Joanne, even if you have the proof that your dog was cheating on you with the royal family, it didn't mean anything. Dogs will be dogs. He clearly loves you best.

    Be well, Joanne.
    Thanks for stopping by. I've missed you.

  8. Very clever post. Thank you for the smile.

  9. Oh my gosh! That is amazing. They look just alike. Maybe you could get a visit with the prince and princess, by saying Max needs to reconnect with his family. :-)

  10. LOL you crack me up!

    I so want my own butler :)


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