Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year's Day Joggers

         Well, it's finally here... 2012. It came in at our house like it always does...with the kids and Hubby and I watching Dick Clark starting around 11:45 and shouting the big countdown at midnight. In a flash it was over...poof. Hubby and I had some champagne and the kids had sprite in champagne flutes.

Today was the first day of the year and the first thing I noticed as we drove to church were all the people jogging. It didn't take long to figure out that these people ( mostly women) were starting bright and early their New Year's resolutions.

Right off the bat you could tell the difference between the people that jog regularly and those that were starting their quest to good health. The latter huffed and puffed and were wearing all the wrongs clothes for running. Those are the ones that made their resolutions at 11:59pm and had no time to get fancy shmancy running attire.

In the next few weeks there will be sales and specials on Weight Watchers frozen foods and member ship to Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem will be way up. And you may also see infomercials again for the cookie diet or some other "promise the world" plan.

Now  if you have read this blog for a while you have also read that I have struggled with the fact that I am  "pleasantly plump" so why is it that I was not up bright and early with those women running my poor jiggly legs off?   My friends I was there just 12 months ago. I started running and I was the one with the brand new jogging suit that screamed "I can't run for beans but don't I look cute?"

I was the one that bought tons of frozen meals and then "doubled them" when I found that a hamster would not feel full with just one.

The call of chocolate was much too strong. I tried and tried and tried...and it was the worst two days of my life! OK, it was longer....maybe three!

Whatever the time frame I gave in to temptation and was lured back in by the evil evil sugar monster.

Oh yes, there was a bit of success later on in the year but that gave way to stress, Halloween treats, Thanksgiving pie and Christmas cookies... the odds were stacked against me people.

So those of you who have picked up my dropped batton...I salute you. Go on my friend and run. And as you pass me in your quest for a better thinner you do not let the marble chocolate cream donut I'm eating tempt you for all us chubby gals. Run and keep on running....cause that just means there be more donuts for us!

Wait....I can't do this....I can't leave this post with a defeatist attitude...

  PLOP...( dropping donut in trash)

Wait for me! just let me squeeze into my jogging pants! I'm on my way to a thinner healthier me! huff huff puff puff. Don't leave without me! puff puff huff heave cough!

                       OK these don't fit...Ill join you guys tomorrow OK?


  1. Hilarious..... I've never kept a resolution either.

  2. For some reason I don't make resolutions, I guess maybe because I will feel more like a failure when I don't keep them. So I resolve to read more blogs, laugh more, smile more and encourage those who do. I like your style Joanne.. Happy New Year.

  3. hehe well i'm happy to say though i've been fighting weight for going on two years i made it through the holidays very yummy and only 5lbs heavier. my goal wasn't to lose or stay the same but not to gain more then 5lbs and i did it. ok now wait for me i need to get back on program...huff,puff,huff,puff you're to fast for me wait up

  4. I don't make resolutions anymore as I have never been able to keep one. LOL

    How much of the doughnut had you eaten before you trashed it? :-)

  5. Oh my! It does take a change of heart to face this challenge! Every week, I think of an excuse not to go to exercise class...but I go anyway and I'm always glad I did! I'm wishing you the best at whatever you undertake to do this new year! I so appreciate all of your visits and sweet comments! Happy new year! ♥♥♥

  6. Lol! Love it and I hear you. I actually did do all that running last year but can't seem to lose a pound. I like to think I am toner but not sure about that. Anyway...let's just do our best every day! Oh, but if you find me on will see that I ate the BIGGEST piece of chocolate cake in the world today. :-)

  7. This is funny...I know the chocolate addiction, I have it! Exercise is needed but no fun

  8. We started early with our resolutions this year. Health concerns have a way of making one get serious. Slow and steady. Those are the ones who last at the game of shedding pounds.

  9. As always my dear you freaking crack me up!! YUP something about going to buy new work out clothes just boggles me but I need to do it since these don't fit but then my mind says but you won't use them for long since you'll loose all the weight ... so then I don't buy them ... and guess what my back side just keeps growing ... lol


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