Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday's Fashion---Grey hair

Well it is official my computer has kicked the bucket....not only did he kick it; he stomped on it, rolled over it and threw it off a cliff.

It's dead.

I am currently using my daughters iPad ( thanks sweetie) and I will post as usual.

Well, I'm going to try.

Today I'm supposed to post something about fashion. Now if only I can figure out how to paste pictures on this darn thing!

Soooo here goes!

I have noticed a bit of a trend lately....young women with grey hair

Recently young hollywood has gone grey. Hmmmmmmmm I guess the older generation is now cool?
It's is a bit unnerving to see a young person sporting a grey do. When I first saw it I thought there must have been something wrong with the printing of the magazine. So after all these years being a blue- haired lady is finally "in" ....who would have thunk it!

Picture source

my opinion? I'm not sold on it. I mean they have their cute young little bodies and all the energy in the world AND smooth unwrinkled their have the audacity to take the grey? Not on my watch sista, I say we take it back and place it where it belongs...on the heads of mature wrinkled women that have earned their grey from living life!

Some of them do look a bit cute though...I wonder when cellulite will be all the rage!
How do you like this trend?


  1. I got my first grey hair when I was 13 and by 35 I was totally I'm snow white. (no not THAT snow white). I'm used to it now but I hated it when I was under 50. Are they nuts or what?

  2. Good grief, what next?? My hair started turning when I was in my late 40s. Now it is silver sides and top and the back is still dark. I had it colored for a few years and then I thought what the heck, let's be me.

    Emmylou Harris, the singer, let her hair go grey when she was very young.

  3. I earned every stinkin one of my grey hairs and I am proud of them. It is my badge of life well lived. The same with my wrinkles. Amen sista

  4. Gosh, I haven't heard of this! I do think of Emmylou Harris, she's had that grey forever it seems. I always thought that this grey on the young ones was a blonde dye job gone horribly wrong! Sorry to hear about your computer!! Phil's monitor just died. Are you getting a new one? A laptop, what kind and when?

  5. think i'll wait and let nature do it for me

  6. I agree, I do not understand the grey but I do not understand Hollywood either....Sorry for the loss of your computer but glad you can use daughters

  7. I cannot see the reason for this greyness. I always think of Emmylou Harris with her grey hair, she was like the first to show it. Back in the '60's her hair was all jet black. She looks great because it is honest but a young person? Not fashionable in my opinion.

  8. So why do I keep dying my hair if grey is in............well because I don't care what's in I care how I look and feel and being grey makes me feel blah and older then my years or should that be my age since I am now a wonderful 49yrs not I am going with older then my

  9. Tag you're it~~you're mission should you choos to take it is here May the force be with you

  10. I think that grey should be earned:)

  11. Hello....
    I was just visiting with Ginny, and read your comment about the ladybugs. I wanted to say that comment was just as good as Ginny's post!!


  12. I stopped coloring my hair a few years ago, just to see. Then my granddaughters started calling me 'old'. The color is back on.

    You are right--I have noticed that grey trend as well. They look awesome.

    I bet cellulite will never make it as a fashion trend, along with spider veins.

  13. I've noticed a few high profile tv series like Deadwood and Game of Thrones using women with natural breasts and not the perky fake ones (not that I spend my time checking out women's boobs on tv) - I'm just happy to see real bodies portraying female characters.
    Wagging Tales

  14. I am sorry about your computer. For me, I have been dying my hair for a long, long time. I started getting a streak of white when I was in my 20's. People would ask me what I did to get it that way. At first it looked cool but once the white was all at the top I knew it was time to do something about it. Besides, I am 9 1/2 years older than my husband.


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