Monday, August 06, 2012

Dear Rear

My family and I went on a little vaca.

We went to a Dude Ranch and no I did NOT ride the horses....if you want to know why just click here to find out what happened last year at the same ranch.

We went with Brother-n-law and family.

We were disappointed that the only thing that we enjoyed last year (well, the grown ups that is) The food was sub-par. In just one year the quality went down down hill.

Soooo, we came back home and my Sweet Daughter wanted to download pictures she took with her camera.

Now, a question.... do you have an idea of what you really look like? From all angles?

                              Especially the back?


                               Are you sure?

Well, unbeknownst to me, my daughter took a picture of the Hubby and I walking and holding hands.

                   The back of us.

                                        'nough said.

All I AM going to say is that I had no flippin' idea!

 I mean In my head I thought I still owned the perky 18-year-old butt that fit so nicely in my super tight Sergio Valente jeans ( remember those? Circa 1982?)

All I can say is gravity is a Cruel Cruel evil thing... and so are donuts.

So since my sweet daughter intended to put this picture in a scrapbook I decided to use Picmonkey to edit it a bit

                First I thought of a strategically placed sign

Then I changed what I was wearing...hey don't laugh this might be on the Paris runway next year

Then I thought I could convince everyone I was vacationing on some tropical island

But really who am I fooling? I realized that everyone already knows what I look like from behind...I was the last one in on this cruel joke!

When my Daughter came in the room I pointed to the picture on the screen and said "That's some shot of my rear dear."

    She responded " I think its a great picture of you and Dad holding hands"

Maybe it is, but I am going to try to think of the good old days..


                       OK, maybe they weren't all that great.  



  1. It's a good thing our rears aren't out front where we can see them all the time...the sale of anti depressants would go sky high.

  2. I am just impressed that at one point in your life, you could fit into a pair of Sergio Valente's. I never could.


  3. Lol! Love it. Yeah, I am WAY skinnier in my head. :-)

  4. HOLY crap that would be a bad thing to see me from that side. I usually back out of the room so no one can see that area!

    I'm digging the tutu :). Girl your legs and everything looks so skinny, I'd take it!! :)

  5. That is hilarious! Since am a bit older I can tell you that I look back on pictures and remember how I didn't like certain things about myself at that time. Today as I reflect on those same pictures I think to myself "I didn't look so bad after all." I loved your editing.

  6. This is a hoot! I love the watermelon skirt and would like to know where to get one. :-) Remember way back....when we THOUGHT we were fat, but looking back, we now see were were fine/thin! Thanks for the great chuckle

  7. Hahaha from the bits I managed to see, your rear looks fine. ;-)

  8. oh gosh! this is hilarious. I feel the EXACT same way when I look at my pictures. and not just my rare. my face, my arms, everything seems to be much worse than i hope and think it is. i attribute it all to my newborn... -says Lena, chewing a bagel.


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