Monday, July 30, 2012

Bathroom Re-Do Day Two.

Day Two:

                  OK, I was thrilled with day one. Everything was gone. I said bah bye to the ugly uneven tile and said sayonara to the ugly bathtub. The day went smoothly and so I said to myself "oooo lucky me!"

I shouldn't have said that.

 On day two the plumber came to replace the waste pipe and connect some pipes so that in the near future we can build a second bath upstairs....yes ladies and gents we have only one bathroom. You know, on a side note whenever we tell people we have one bathroom they sigh with pity.

whats the deal?
 I grew up with only
one bathroom and we
 survived. ...But now a days
 houses are just way more
desirable when there is more
than one bathroom.

end of side note.

On the second day the plumber had to remove the toilet assuring us that he would replace it at the end of the day. My Mom lives close by so every time one of the kids needed to go to the bathroom ( you guessed it) in the car we went top speed because my son ALWAYS waits til the last moment to go.

Soooo, the end of the day approaches and My kids and I are anxiously waiting to use the bathroom.

The plumber puts back ugly toilet and leaves. My daughter goes in and comes right back out stating very calmly


as you all can imagine it wasn't caused by one of us.

Now folks have I told you that I have a thing about bathrooms and strangers using MY bathroom? or I didn't? well I am literally insane about it.

OK, Joanne buck up; just go in there and unclog it.

 I looked around as I dry heaved and there was no plunger to be found. Finally I call the Hubster at work ( where there is a functioning toilet) and I ask " Hey, HON, where's the plunger for the bathroom?"

      He said "I threw it away."


Now mind you there we are, all three of us doing the pee pee dance and there's no way to use the bathroom. Finally after a quick trip to the nearest store ( where I think the cashier thought I was training to be on some sort of dance show), I raced back.

Now after disinfecting the toilet (with enough bleach to completely burn our nose hairs away and disintegrate our eyebrows) I let my kids in to use it.

Then ( oh no you didn't think it ended there did you?)

We go out and come back with Chinese take out

after dinner I go downstairs to our basement to do some laundry and I see that the whole entire wall (directly under the bathroom is wet. I realize there is a huge leak . There was water everywhere!

"Gasp!" It was totally a clutch-your-pearls moment

"Is that coming from the toilet???

Drip drip drip

No it was coming from the one of the other pipes.

Drip drip drippity drip

the pipe that they had just fixed

What to do what to do!

I find a bucket and run upstairs to call hubster, by the time I was finished cleaning up I was ready to make a voodoo doll and this one would be wearing a tool belt and have a plumber's crack!

It was the second day and I was already DONE. I mean what next?...was the new tub going to fall through the floor due to termite damage? Were they going to find black mold? Would the mystery of where Jimmy Hoffa is buried finally be solved?

Only time would tell. All I wanted was a nice hot shower to wash away the events of the day....but the bathtub hadn't been hooked up yet

Shower at Grandma's

Everybody back in the car!


  1. You need a porta potty.

  2. We had our bathroom redone several years ago. I'm starting to remember much of the headaches...

  3. OUCH!!! I am sorry you are having such major headaches with the bathroom remodeling.

  4. This is so funny...well sad and ewww too. Hope your bathroom gets done

  5. Oh no. Something always goes wrong, doesn't it? It will be worth it in the end.


  6. Oh my word! What a mess! When it rains, it pours. :-) Sure hope things get cleaned up soon.

  7. will be worth it when its done...I am wiser now..i know this kind of stuff is going to happen so i prepare myself ahead of time..

  8. Oh dear, I hope tomorrow brings you a functioning bathroom. Thank goodness for grandma's house, by the way.

  9. I'm sorry for all the hassles you are having right now and am ashamed to say I found much of this very humourous. The pearl clutching, Jimmy Hoffa et al.
    When you re-read this months (or perhaps years)later, I think you will serve up a chuckle.

  10. Home improvement is always an adventure! I hope you get everything working soon! Then you will love it!

  11. Joanne you had me cracking up from reading this. Too funny. I hope you got the tub hooked up and all's well once more. Hmmmm. Now I know why your blog is called ten minutes2breathe! :)

  12. Oh my laughing till my sides ache. The voodoo doll with the plumbers crack was the best! I've done that pee pee dance a few times. It's one that you wish you didn't know the steps. lol! Wishing you a quick and speedy recovery of the 'John'!

  13. OH CRUD, we only have one bathroom too. When we remodeled I had to move in to my parents house for a week. Thankfully it was just me and Cole at that time, Rick stayed at the house, being a boy he could pee outside and make a mad dash to AM/PM for other duties :) ... lol

    Sorry girlie it sounds like a real pain! And yes I know the gasp :)


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