Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's freezing here

           It's freezing here 

Yesterday, (like everyday) as soon as my feet hit the floor I am on.

Breakfast for everyone

             clean and scrub the kitchen

                            shopping for my Mom and throw out her garbage

 try to clean the rest of the house.

                                  The dog is shedding like crazy so that means that I vacuumed about 5 times yesterday alone.

I scrubbed the bathroom

 Our home was host to both kid's friends

 picked up dog poop in back yard

Went shopping again (forgot a few things)

tried to clean the basement~~~got to finish only half.

made dinner~~ spaghetti and meatballs. delish

cleaned up the kitchen ...again

vacuumed one more time, and I wondered if I could maybe shave the dog


                                 No, he'd look too weird

yada yada yada a millions things more...

finally...a break...  I promised the kids we'd sit down and watch a movie together. It was the first time I had sat down all day.

As they watched I worked on some knitting ( I'm learning knitting-in-the-round ( I'll show ya what I am making later)

In walks the Hubster from work (and by the way he had just come from hanging out with his buddies after work)  a childhood friend was in town

         He looks and realizes that I didn't get to do the laundry.

Then he said those words that I swear almost merits a pan to the head


           "So, what did ya do all day?Knit?"


Currently he is getting the very very cold shoulder...

So that is why my dear friends that this is the only house on the block with frost on the windows...I won't be surprised if it snows!


  1. LOL!!! Thanks for cheering me up!!

  2. OH my ....where's an iron skillet when you need one! heehee! Stay cool...I mean warm! lol

  3. That made me laugh!!! I was trying to figure out the first picture all the way through, puzzling where the heck you were! I used to never let my husband catch me sitting when he came home, but now . . . I don't care! He knows better than to say anything!

    Thanks for a chuckle . . . now I suppose I'll get up and go fix something for dinner!

  4. So true! My family doesn't notice or appreciate when the kitchen floor is mopped and cleaned, only when it's sticky!

  5. Oh he wont do that again in a hurry, not if he is smart

  6. That was funny! Isn't it strange though how people notice what is NOT done and not so much what IS done.

  7. Yep they only seem to notice what is NOT done. Cute post.


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