Saturday, July 07, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Saturday~~~A Fairy House in the Woods

Welcome to Artsy Fartsy Friday Saturday.

Recently we went camping. I expected the usual...Beautiful views, some swimming, S'mores at night, mosquito bites galore and the occasional snake sighting....what I didn't expect was this.....

Can you guess what that is?

 Now it may look like a tree truck surrounded by vines, but not so. Still can't guess?

                       It's a fairy apartment building!

Yep it's true.


            This prompted my Daughter and I to make a bit of art....


              What to do what to do...

                                We gathered some wildflowers   


We decided to make a fairy house

Here is my daughter building the walls.

 we used some yarn to tie the sticks together

A hollow acorn is a perfect sink and a leaf is the perfect table cloth....
a daisy head makes a soft pillow for a fairy to rest her head

Moss was used for the floor and tiny blooms were placed outside the tiny house in a teeny tiny garden.

We placed it all under a tree near our cabin.

And you know what? I think the fairies were very pleased, because  look what we found on a walk...

A heart!

~Hope you enjoyed our camp art~

Have a magical weekend!!
Blessings, Joanne


  1. The fairy house is so pretty. What a fun thing to make with your daughter.

  2. You are so imaginative.

  3. This is so lovely and just the sort of thing I missed out having boys rather than girls.
    You are so lucky to have a beautiful creative daughter

  4. Nice illustrations and very cool.

  5. How bloody awesome is this love it your daughter is so creative and thank you for sharing this with us I love it.........

  6. You and your daughter are so creative. That was really fun.

    PS I hope you got s'mores.


  7. that is so cute--an fairy would be happy to move in :)

  8. Ok that is super cool. And I love you found a heart! What a blessing!!


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