Sunday, July 01, 2012

On Our Way~ Camping...Part One

Once upon a time a fair maiden

                              a woman of advanced years

                                             Old bitty

                                                   Middle aged Mom

went on an adventure...with her family.

This is her story....ok my story.

Part one

On friday June 22 the plan was to set out on our adventure at the crack of dawn.

            So of course we left at noon..

                       no worries

                           The hubster and I were in good spirits.

We hit the road and hit an incy wincy bit of traffic

                           No worries

We finally got the car to go a whopping 10 miles an hour when we started to see a lot of these...

                          Then it was right over our head 

This is what happened next

                      No worries

Rain was pouring in from all four windows because we had a lugagge carrier up top that was allowing water to seep in through the straps

What to do what to do...? Well, we played a game where we competed who would be the first to catch the lightning on our cameras! My Daughter had her phone and my son had his flip...we waited just a bit...

                  I won~ and on a side note I need to get out more


                                again, no worries


When the storm got really bad (the water was rising and the traffic stopped altogether) my husband (who decided to voice his concerns...out loud) said


         Knowing the kids might be listening I said " No, this is just a summer rain shower."

         Would my Hubby leave it alone? NOPE. He responded by saying "Joanne LOOK at it; this is for sure the worst storm I have seen in a long while! " Then he added the cherry on the sundae by saying "Man, I hope we don't get stuck in a flash flood or something."

                                          Ok, now we've got worries


I  turned around to see if our kids had actually heard their Dad's comments...and I saw my son doing this...


                   No worries after all ...we're covered.


  1. Obviously you survived. Driving in storms can be pretty scary.

  2. Well, at least you're "covered". Next time the hubs rolls to a stop, open the doors and let the water out lol.

  3. Wow, you have vacations like we do sometimes! lol

  4. LOL!! I am glad you are all ok. We could use some of that rain here as everything is bone dry.

  5. Wow this was a scary way to start a vacation but your son had it right:)

  6. I'm laughing with you...I love your idea of games! Loved listening to the winner celebrate. Your husband sounds like mine, and I sound like you! I denied that an actual tornado that we drove through once was really a tornado. I kept insisting it was a dust devil. On the news that night, we saw it was a tornado that touched down.

    Can't wait to hear more about your trip. LOL

  7. sounds like a great adventure


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