Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Teeny Tiny Itsy Bitsy Garden

Do you like to garden?

   Even though I grew up in the city, my Dad had the greenest thumb around. Our windowsill teemed with herbs and colorful plants.

I, unfortunately did not inherit his talent.

When my husband and I first bought our home I couldn't wait to get my hands dirty and grow a garden of our own.

         I was promptly fired from my position

            You see the way I would tackle the garden was by looking at the colors of the different flowers and planted the colors almost like I would create a painting. NO GO.  I didn't feel the need to find out about zones and light needs or for that matter how tall a certain plant might grow.... My garden was a bit of a crowded flop of tangled blooms.

So, The Hubster took over and darn it all I hate to admit it, but he has done a great job. I help with both the flower and the veggie gardens and they look great, but was I destined to forever be a flower planting flop?

There was a garden that I thought I could not ruin... a small indoor herb garden.  I promptly looked on the Internet for some inspiration and ...

                              I did like this simple design

                              Some went the organic route

                                        Some went High Tech

                                      Others were almost artistic

                                              and very creative

                                            Awesomely creative

So I had an idea....

           I went to the Thrift Store and found three bowls

                I went to my craft closet and made use of some of my crafting treasures and came up with...


In came the idea to make it into a teeny fairy place.

Yes I know...I am a bit obsessed with fairies lately.

Since the bowls did not have holes on the bottom; I placed small rocks and beads on the bottom for drainage. I made some peg dolls a while ago and simply glued some wings to them. The rose in the middle is actually a pen and on it I wrote what is planted there. I know jalapeno is a pepper and not an herb, but my cilantro plant lost it's will to live and went to that ~big herb garden in the sky~ and I  replaced it with something I already had

This little fairy lives in a pretty little house covered in flowers. On the lower left is a little frog wearing a crown...Do you think she'll kiss him?

This little house is covered in shiny broken shells that made it look like stones. On it a butterfly is resting. We caught this little fairy working hard in her garden. Between the pots are little rope bridges~for those fairytale characters without wings!

This last one is a bit unfinished. Can you guess what it is?

 Well...Its a fairy vacation spot by the beach!

The basil sort of reminded me of palm trees and the idea took off from there. On top of the potting soil around the plant I poured The "sand" which  is actually different sized  pearl beads. I crumpled and painted aluminum foil so that it would look like the sea and waves hitting the beach.  I am not really happy with the little cabana and beach chair so I think I will change that soon.

I had so much fun making this and I can't wait for my little Two and a half-year-old niece to see it and play with it too!

I hope you enjoyed my little creation. I have to say that making it was an unbelievable stress reliever. I just hope the plants survive!

Have a beautiful Tuesday!!!


  1. Absolutely adorable. You have SUCH an imagination.

  2. Those pots are adorable! I hope the pots work. :-D

  3. Just wonderful!! You do have a green thumb!!

  4. These are so cute! LOVE the beach!


  5. love this how whimsical and magical

  6. What lovely magical plants ok not the plants but the bowls the plants are in with their fairys maybe I should take a photo of the last plant I tried to keep alive..............ok maybe not as it is a sad dead thing now........lol

  7. So very whimsical and creative! Very clever! I am so awful when it comes to keeping plants alive. The only one I haven't killed yet is a bamboo plant, which seems to magically survive being neglected to death!

  8. I love it!! How did you make the water? It looks perfect and I love you love Fairies!

    I agree it looks like a little tree! Good job!

  9. Wow! They all look so nice! Good luck with their survival.

  10. Those are beautiful and there's nothing like fresh herbs.

  11. I love your basil garden. So cute! We did our first garden this year and it did not go well, so I don't think I have a green thumb, either. We're planting sunflowers next year.


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