Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Tomorrow is the start of our bathroom re-do

I have been waiting for this ever since we moved to our home ten years ago.

In fact my usual indecisive nature suddenly changed to making decisions on tiles,bathtubs etc. lickety split ( does anyone ever say that anymore?) because for the longest time I knew what I wanted and so here we are the night before the re-do.

Tonight my husband tried to go to the bathroom and he saw this


                         and this


"Joanne, why are you scrubbing the bathroom again? Tomorrow they are going to demolish it!" he asked in that what-the-h#ll-are-you-doing way

"Well, I want it to be clean." I answered without turning around

"Why does it matter?"

"I won't have anyone thinking I keep a dirty bathroom."

"These men won't care and tomorrow before you know it the bathroom will just be a pile of dirty rubble"

" Oh no it won't!"

"Yes it will Joanne."

"It will be a pile of clean rubble, and that makes all the difference to me."

Hubster rolls his eyes and walks out.....I think he mumbled something about how  crazy he is about me

                     ...OK, maybe I just heard the word crazy


  1. I may have done that too before my bathroom reno...

    1. Thank you! I knew I wasn't crazy! LOL

  2. I would have done the same thing!


  3. Hooray for a new bathroom. You did the right thing, cleaning. ;-)

  4. I'm with you on that one. Best of luck with your redo.

  5. LOL you rock mom! I can't wait to see the reveal! A new bathroom sounds devine! Now can it include one of those ladies that sits there and passes out towels and mints like at the fancy restaurants?


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