Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Weekend in D.C.

Wow it has been a while...

        I am sorry

I have not been feeling 100% and My computer is yet again acting up and it takes forever to write anything much less try to post pictures! FRUSTRATING!!!

Last weekend I visited our Nation's Capital.


We stayed in Crystal city and it was not only a bit cheaper when it came to the hotel was a short train ride a way on the Metro

We arrived Friday late afternoon and hopped straight on the train to the DC area.

 The first thing we saw was the gorgeous Washington Monument (The Washington Monument is closed for repairs due to an earthquake on August 23, 2011)

Do you know that you can order a flag that has been flown over the capital?
All Americans can get a flag that has flown over the U.S. Capitol at a very reasonable price by placing an order directly with your elected members of Congress. 

 The next day we visited the Smithsonian and it was a blast.  The museum consists of many many Museums. I feel that there is no way one can see them all in one day. We decided on the Museum of
American History
Where I took these Pictures...
Dorothy's Ruby slippers

This was one of my favorite exhibits. It  is a huge doll house created and donated by Faith Bradford she spent more than 50 years collecting and constructing the mini furnishings. Even after she donated the house she still sent Christmas cards to the little dolls that lived there!

 Then off to the First Lady's inaugural dress exhibit

This next exhibit was amazingly inspiring. A testament to four young men who decided that they would make a change

"On February 1, 1960, four young African-American men, freshmen at the Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina, entered the Greensboro Woolworth’s and sat down on stools that had, until that moment, been occupied exclusively by white customers. The four—Franklin McCain, Ezell Blair Jr., Joseph McNeil and David Richmond—asked to be served, and were refused. But they did not get up and leave. Indeed, they launched a protest that lasted six months and helped change America." quote from source 
Greensboro Woolworth lunch counter

And just a short walk away is the World War II Memorial. We visited there both on the night we arrived in DC and then again the next day.


There are 4,048 gold stars and each star represents one hundred American service personnel who died or who remain missing from WW II
So many Men and Women who died for the freedom we have today

Each pillar with a beautiful stone wreath represents a state

Now, for a bit of something strange... While we were at the WWII memorial I noticed that there was a stray goat just walking around nervously. How and why it was loose was beyond me, but soon everyone had their phones out and recording the strange occurrence. Soon the owner came and the goat followed him obediently out of the site.

Of course visiting the Lincoln Memorial is awe inspiring.

Since this was my very first time visiting Washington DC I felt the need to celebrate the occasion with another "first"...

My very first time at Krispy Kreme! You see there are no Krispy Kremes in my neck of the woods so I have never had the opportunity to have one.....Goodness, I had no idea how yummy those things are! We got there and the red light was ON! Apparently this is when they make fresh donuts and you buy them nice and hot.

We ended our stay with a visit to the largest Catholic Church in the United States...
I will have those pics for you next week. Right now it is too frustrating to post more pictures,because if I try to post them now I may just have to throw this dilapidated computer out the window!


  1. I am so thrilled for you and a tad bit jealous.
    That trip is on my bucklet list. I would love to see those ruby slippers in person. So glad you go to go and see all those memorable places.

    1. I hope you go there soon. It was such a nice trip and the people there are so friendly and helpful.

  2. Hope this means you are feeling better now. Now all we need to do is get your technology off the sick list. Great photos. It must have been a wonderful trip...goat and all lol.

    1. I wish I knew the story of how the goat got there!

  3. Awesome photos. I missed my chance to visit DC as my niece and her husband lived in the area for years. They recently moved to Canada.

    I am glad you are feeling better.

    1. Aww, I hope you have the opportunity to visit there soon. It was a lot of fun.

  4. I Love these photos...I have never been to DC. I like the pics...and the museum items were so nice to see.
    This is why we love our Krispy Kremes Yummy

    1. There was so much to see at the museum...I just wish I had been able to post more pics :O(

  5. Great Post. I love the photos. It has been a long time since I have been to Washington D.C. That goat being there is really strange.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised how much there was to see and how many museums were actually free

  6. We lived an hour from DC for many years and took advantage of all the free stuff downtown. It IS an amazing city, with so much history. Lincoln is my favorite. He's so BIG, isn't he?! All the war memorials are moving and beautiful. I did, however, never see a goat roaming around, so you're ahead of me there. :0) Great pictures!

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. I'd love to go to the Smithsonian one day. :-)

  8. Thank you for stopping over. I agree, most of our travel pictures seldom have me in the photos but more importantly is I, like you, didn't like myself in pictures either however they love us just the way we are and will love to have the photos someday.

  9. DC is a fun place. Thanks for the tour.


  10. I bet you loved D.C. My daughter and I went there about 16 years ago. It was our first and only visit. We loved it! I have such wonderful memories of it all. Funny how the exhibits you went to and loved are the ones we also loved. Wasn't it great seeing the Ruby Red Slippers and the inaugural gowns? We were tired and cold and my daughter was grumpy when we got to the Lincoln Memorial, but suddenly we were also awe inspired. Thanks for posting these photos of your great trip.

  11. I must agree I'm jealous, have always wanted to go visit and see the sites too!

    OK a goat? WTF happened there? LOL

    Krispy Kreme oh man 2 of them have opened up by the house. BEFORE my dieting I would love a Pumpkin Spice Donuts! Oh one day I can a treat and enjoy one again :)


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