Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fashion on Thurday~~~Graduation Rings

 Receiving your high school ring was a very very big deal in My High school(I guess it is in every high school).  We even had a ceremony at the School's church where the rings would be blest.

Getting your ring meant that there was finally an outward sign that you were now on your way.  After the blessing of the rings the girls would rush around getting friends to "Turn" the ring on their finger for luck. That last year there was so much to think about...SAT's, prom, last big school trip, Graduation gowns, and everything had a fee attached.

 I had so many things on my mind that I completely forgot that the main balance due on my grad ring was soon approaching, In fact It was due the very next day. I wanted to bang my head against the wall for being so forgetful about such an important thing. By the time  my Dad came home from work I was in a panic.

              "Dad,  the balance of the money for my ring is due tomorrow." He barely had a chance to enter the apartment.

              "How much is due?"

 I think the amount was 125.00. When he heard this he looked dejected.

              Poor man was under a lot of stress.

               "I just don't have that kind of money available right now." With three kids in Catholic school the budget was spread paper thin...and to make matters was the end of the month and all bills were set aside to be paid. There was no extras at all. I had an after school job that allowed me to help by buying a few of the extras ~ lunches at school and prom dresses and help with monies for the year book and one senior trip, there was nothing extra for this very important purchase..

              "I'm sorry Joanne, maybe we can get a ring for you at a later time?" He was hoping that I would think that was a great plan.

 I thought of ring day and how I would have to opt out of the ceremony or perhaps skip school altogether that day. I nodded and went to my room. I was not going to make my Dad feel any worse than he already felt.

               The next day I awoke at six as usual.

               I went to take a quick shower as usual.

               Then back to my room to do my hair and usual.

               Then something unusual...

                            on my dresser was an envelope

In the envelope was a check for $125.00 for my ring. I was overjoyed!

              My Dad had already left for work and when I asked my Mother she simply stated "Now don't lose that check!"

                It was later that I found out that my Dad had taken the Money from the rent due.

It was the first and only time in his life that he was Ever late on a bill.

                                                  VMI 1848 class ring
                                I am guessing that the word in the middle is the person's last name?
                                                  Class of 1848 ring

                                                     1925 college grad ring


                                                                    Newer styles

This one is definitely not your regular Grad ring


Sweet "heart" ring surrounded by diamonds

   This post prompted me to look for my own High School Graduation ring.

            It still fits!!! Granted I wore it on the other hand, but still it fits!!!

                  The gold in the middle is actually a depiction of St.Michael the Archangel~the Latin written around it translates "Who is like God" It goes with the story of St. Michael The archangel Michael drew attention to the excellence and dignity of the Most High God. He reminded the good angels of the beneficence of Him who had created them... he kept them in fidelity and submission by saying to them, 'Quis ut Deus? Who is like God?'"...~source
             I have always loved this ring. It symbolizes so much for me; School days with friends, a love of English class and Art, but...mostly how hard my Dad worked for me to go to Catholic school and how much he loved me.

Did you buy a grad ring? Do you still have it?


  1. I loved this post. Your father was a wonderful, caring, and sacrificial man. Yes, I had a ring. I don't have it anymore. I sold when I was divorced and needed the money. I feel so sad now that I sold it.

    My husband bought the ring for me. He was my boyfriend then. My parents would not come up with the money, nor did I have a way to earn the money because my father would not allow me to work. So, my dear boyfriend, the one I would marry 30 years later, bought it for me. That shows you what a dear he has always been.

  2. Grad rings are only in USA that I know of, when I was in the US (for all of 2yrs) I desperately wanted one of these when I left school but once you move from the states you tend to go with the flow of the country and not remember about them.

  3. That is a beautiful story and a sweet memory.

  4. Oh, what a beautiful story. And so touching that you still have the ring. I bought a high school ring, but never really wore it. Stupid. I don't know where is it today. What a waste! Peer pressure drove me to get it. Your ring is very cool!

  5. Such a sweet story. Me? I was the oldest of 12. I wanted a ring but I knew there would be no way. It is funny how at the time these things seem bigger than they really are. I probably wouldn't have worn it that much if I had it. I did get a class sweater and really appreciated it because I knew it wasn't easy for my parents to buy it. I still have it in a box. It is too small for me now.

  6. What a wonderful, wonderful story!!! The ring is a visible reminder of your dad's deep love for you. I am SO glad you posted it, or else I was really going to scold you!!! Especially after this story. I don't really care about any of the others you posted, only yours. It is wonderful and looks just the way a traditional school ring should. I remember that when boys and girls would go steady, the boy would give her either his letter shirt or the school ring.

  7. I still have my class ring from so long ago although the style is nothing like the class ring you have showing from the 50s. It was 14K gold and my older sister bought it for me.

    I think what your dad did for you was wonderful!

  8. Oh girl you just made me cry, what a wonderful story! Your dad sounds a lot like mine, it's great to have them!

    You know I wanted one very bad, but my step mom told me I had to buy it myself. So it was either buy myself a car or the ring. Sadly the car one out due to my dad was not liking to be the chauffeur any longer to get me to and from work :)

  9. What a wonderful story. I did have one, but I'm not sure where it is now.


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