Monday, June 11, 2012


There are times you look at your kids and you did time pass so quickly?

There are times when you look at your kids and think, "There is no possible way that I can love them more" ...and then you do.

There are times when you look at your kids and say "OK, go ahead"....when all you want is to beg them to stay put.

On Friday my Daughter went to her first formal dance. It was so much more than the dance for me. It was the weeks before that she and I went from store to store choosing dresses and imagining what shoes would look best. It was fussing--- then laughing . It was arguing about styles, then excitedly clapping when she found "the one" dress that was perfect.

It was just her and I spending that time together... I smiled, but It was accompanied with a lump in my throat because of the realization that time is passing way too quickly and there is nothing I can do to slow it down.

Her dress

           Her shoes

                       And a little surprise from Dad...a rose wrist corsage

She had a wonderful time and made memories that will last....forever



  1. Such a sweet dress. I'm sure she was the belle of the ball.

  2. awwww what a cute dress--i'm glad she had fun!

  3. I LOVE the dress and the shoes. She has great taste. I'm sure she looked just stunning. Treasure the times. They do grow up way too fast.

  4. Ahhh hugs!

    That dress is so pretty!! What fun, I bet she had a blast.

  5. The dress and shoes are so pretty. The corsage is special!

  6. cute dress and they grow up way to fst have to catch the memories quickly

  7. Such a cute outfit.. I am sure she looked adorable. and the corsage from dad.. awwwww so sweet

  8. It is all adorable!!! I bet she was just beautiful in it and you were crying. You are very wise to appreciate and realize that this is an important step and she is getting older and becoming a woman.

  9. Such a pretty dress. I did the formal thing last year but suit shopping isn't quite as exciting as that precious mother daughter time you had.
    I did get a taste, helping my son's gf buy a dress so I consider myself lucky.
    Treasure these moments. There will be more I am sure


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