Saturday, June 02, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~"DOT" Smallest Stop Motion Animation

Hi everyone!

 I know I know I am a bit late with Artsy Fartsy Friday, but my only excuse is that its the end of the year and school activities are crazy!...but so much fun. My son went to his very first school dance. They call it the Fifth Grade Jam and there was a dinner and then a DJ set up in the Lunch room where the kids danced the night away...(well, until 9:30pm that is)... Bitter sweet for me. This is the last year in elementary school.

sniff sniff

OK, I'm fine. Now lets get to what you are here for.......Artsy Fartsy Friday

It seems a few years ago Nokia came up with a camera that has a microscope attachment....Now why would a camera need a microscope? Well, for instance  doctors in third world countries can use it to take pictures of blood cells and send it off to a lab in another country for analysis... Is that great or what?

Ok, I have to be honest....I have a small Nokia camera and well... don't like it. I don't know if it's me (probably is) or I bought a reject camera......but if they came out with something that will stop people from dying...I'm all in.

So to celebrate this awesome invention They decided to make a short film...a stop motion movie...THE SMALLEST stop motion movie EVER.

                            I am HOOKED!

So not only did I post the movie but the second video shows how they did it. Yes, I am a complete nerd. I am the person that loves the "How they did it" portion of every DVD that has some sort of special effects.

        Please enjoy "Dot." The World's Smallest Stop-Motion Animation
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                   Here's hoping you have an awesome weekend with at least one good hold your belly, pee pee dance laugh  

                                          Blessings, Joanne



  1. So cool to see how they made that little video. I love stop motion.

  2. Loved seeing how the little video was made. Nice touch too that the narrators were good looking. ;-)

  3. How amazing, and these two guys must have been exhausted!!!!

  4. How interesting and amazing! It's amazing the things people can do.

  5. How incredible! I have always love "Wallace and Grommet" by Aardvark/Nick Park. This was truly incredible.

  6. Hi Joanne, oh your kids are growing up. No more grade schoolers. I remeber having dance cards in Jr. High. Sure wish I would have saved one. The video was too cute. I loved it! The how to one was not working too well for me. I will hop back to watch it again tomorrow. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  7. wow i could never think of doing this stuff---so tedious and amazing!

  8. The kids grow up too fast!! He probably does not think so though. The video is neat...I am surprised by what technology can do

  9. Wow how cool is that! Very cool as always hun!


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