Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day 2012

 Father's Day is a bit bitter sweet for me. On the one hand I celebrate the wonderful man that is both my Husband a the greatest Father our kids could ever have. On the other hand I miss my own Dad.

My Husband is a great Father, I knew he would be even while we were dating.
            He is the absolute best. I am so grateful to God he is in our lives.

                       and I think my Dad had a part in it too

Let me explain.....

             I had a great Dad. He was patient, kind , giving, and he made friends wherever he went.
                                                           The Lion King          
                                   He was NOT wishy washy. He had Old fashioned ideals with a beatnik spin and I respected him even though sometimes I didn't agree.

                                    He respected my feelings, my ideas, and he listened and understood me.


It's a wonderful Life
Because of that Great Dad.... I had a great example of what to look for in the man I would later marry. I looked for a man with the same qualities .....Granted I met a few frogs in between, but ultimately I got my prince.
                                            Does this mean I am Cinderella? Woohoo!!!!

He is Kind, he Loves God, He respects me and my ideas. He listens and understands me....and with all my faults he loves me.

                   He loves his children more than anything in the world and he makes sure that he tells them everyday...

                              "I love You God Bless You."

        Norman Rockwell                        source  


                  He is a strong man. He is not wishy washy. He is a hero to his kids and they love him.

So for all you hero Dads out there...Happy Father's Day.

                   May God Bless you All.


  1. Hats off to Dads everywhere.

  2. Our Fathers Day isn't until September and I loved this post. It is wonderful that you have had such special men in your life

  3. happy fathers day to all the dads

  4. What a beautiful post and a wonderful tribute to your Dad. We'll always miss matter how old we get! Sweet hugs!

  5. A great tribute to your dad, and your husband, too!

  6. This is just beautiful, Joanne. I'm thankful you have had these two wonderful men in your life. You have been truly blessed.

  7. Awesome post to one so special

  8. It is great to have good fathers in your life...(I knew my hubs would be a great father too)


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