Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Waitin' on Pinterest

Now a word about Pinterest.

A while back I noticed Pinterest. Some blogs were writing about this brand new way to categorize and post pictures of things that were of interest to them. They said it was addictive.

I checked it out.

and I said  "Ehh."

I went on with my life.

I read things like " Hey look at this idea I got from Pinterest!"

and I said "OOoooo"

I went on with my life.

I read about a cool new party idea from a bloggy friend and she wrote " I got it from Pinterest."

and I said "Cool."

So after months and months I went back on Pinterest and checked it out again.

"OK," I said "I'll join." But the only way to join is through invite only. I could browse, but I couldn't join in the fun!

Alrighty then, I'm back at the High School dance where all my friends get to boogie oogie oogie and I am left watching their purses.
                                               Picture source
                                                 Photo editing by Picmonkey
      "Hey, I wanna dance too!"  The only problem was that Pinterest was now holding all the cards. They said "UH UH, not so fast. Now you have to wait."

so I waited

             and waited

                    and waited.

My friend texted me to ask me if I had checked out her pin boards.

What? she had just applied......she got in the very same day!

There  I am

Then the clincher...

I open my e-mail to find that there is a message from Pinterest..

Yes! I get super excited, But it's titled...
 Thanks for Joining the Pinterest Waiting List


I have been WAIT LISTED???!!!

                           back to

Finally I get the e-mail I had been waiting for You've Been Invited to Join Pinterest

Yes! I'm part of the cool crowd!!!

                             I finally get to



  1. How interesting. I didn't know that's how it worked. I'm glad you're IN...you are definitely cool enough!

  2. welcome to the party may i have a dance

  3. LOL! I have visited pinterest and it was a bit interesting but I wasn't mesmerized by it so I forgot it. glad you are enjoying it.

  4. I too found it very odd that I had to wait to join, like I was being vetted to ensure I was suitable or not!

  5. Welcome to the party! There are some cool things on Pinterest. Now get busy and pin, pin, pin!

  6. I really enjoy being a part of Pinterest but lately I have been so busy I have not been participating much. But it is nice to know it is waiting for me because I draw so much inspiration from it. I feel that you will too. Enjoy!

  7. You are part of the 'cool crowd' now! My friends are singing pinterest praises, but I groan at another thing to follow. Looking forward to more posts like this once you have discovered all the pinterest secrets.

  8. What a cute post. So glad you got in. I started back in January and I love it. It is my slice of happy each day! Enjoy....

  9. I have not been able to figure out their process for applying. It took me only a day or so to get in, but I had a friend who waited over two weeks! Hmmmm... Glad you finally got through! It has revolutionized the info that I have at my fingertips - recipes, crochet patterns... I love the site. Hope you enjoy it, too!

  10. hehe you crack me up! It's just because you were so cool they didn't know if they could handle it :)

  11. well congrats on your invite!! I have yet to venture into the pininterest abyss...yes, ignorance is bliss.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  12. TaaHaa! I felt the same way when I was wait listed. Now I love it as much as Goodreads - for helping me remember awesome crafts and projects I would otherwise forget.

    Have a lovely Sunday. :)


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