Monday, September 23, 2013

A Birthday Surprise for Me


           When we are little we wait with great anticipation for that special day.

            In school, teachers may have given you a crown or badge to wear. We walked around proudly saying "Today is my birthday!"

            Now children get themed parties like... make your own pizza or karate parties and celebrate in places like Chucky Cheeses ( I don't know if it is the noise level in that place that would give me a migraine or the pungent smell of stinky socks!) Lets just say Chucky's is not my favorite.

Parents rent bounce houses and water slides.  Parties with hired party game hosts in places like "The Party Palace" or " The Fun Zone" have replaced the small get together at home with pin the tail on the donkey as the ultimate in party games. 

As we get older we celebrate differently. (Quite frankly I'd love to rent a bounce house for myself!!!! I'd bounce around all day!!!)

Some gather with a few friends and family for dinner and some gather a few bottles of wine and drink until their birthday is over! 
Que sera sera. Birthdays can be rough...

           When I was about to turn thirty my Husband (then boyfriend) hired a limo and had me go to all the spots that we went to on our first date. 

At each spot there was a person holding balloons and they referred to me as princess Joanne ( I'm a big fairy tale and castle freak) The limo took me up to Bear mountain...and on top of that mountain ...he proposed. ...and may I be struck by lightning if this isn't the absolute truth....right after he proposed a few deer stepped out and just stood there looking at us. It was the most surreal,  romantic moment I had ever had.

         When I turned forty my Sweet husband knowing that I loved castles...surprised me with a weekend up at a real castle in Tarry Town New York.

The suite had a huge four poster bed and a fireplace. I felt like a princess. It was a beautiful weekend and we held onto that memory that whole year as he was sent by the Army to Iraq shortly after that trip.

    A few days ago I celebrated another milestone birthday.  I really didn't think we would do anything out of the ordinary-- the last few years have been rough financially when I saw the bag that contained my gift I was touched at how pretty it was and how excited my hubby was to give me my gift.


My kids and Hubby sat around the table as I opened their cards to me one by one.

Then there was a box...

            and in that box.....

                      a brand new camera!

                                Now if you have been reading my blog for a while you know that I had a Nikon camera that gave me nothing but trouble. Finally it stopped working altogether and I was so happy to see that The hubster had given me a brand spankin' new camera.

After I admired it for a while; hubby said " I took a few pictures already...check them out."

These are the pictures I saw...

My Dear Bloggy buddies, my Husband worked overtime for more than a year in order to give me a trip to Disney World... my favorite place in the whole world!

He's done it again....managed to leave me speechless! I can think of no better way to celebrate my 50th...with my Husband and kids in the happiest place on earth!


  1. Oh he is a keeper for sure.

  2. Oh my gosh, your husband is amazing, and so romantic!!! And still, after all these years, too! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and I hope you have a blast!!!

  3. That is awesome Joanne! Happy Birthday!!

  4. Wow your husband is the bestest gift giver I have heard of....proposal, castle in NY, now to the happiest place on earth
    Happy Birthday!!!

  5. This is so neat! Congrats on hitting another milestone birthday. Happy Belated Birthday. Have a fabulous time on your trip. You will have a new camera to take all kinds of wonderful photos. Have fun!

  6. Oh you are getting so spoiled with these special birthdays! We are ALL so jealous! Happy birthday sweet friend! I know you'll have a ball and be a Disney Princess! Birthday hugs coming your way....I hope you're still celebrating! Any cake left? heehee

  7. First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    What an amazing and thoughtful gift. That is so kind and sweet of him. I can't think of a better gift!!

    HUGS truly blessed my dear.

  8. How lucky are you to have such an amazing hubby? Happy Birthday!

  9. I am a little late getting here so Happy Belated 50th. You ARE the princess in your family. Enjoy your camera and Disney. Your husband is so thoughtful.


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