Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hidden Art...Rock Number 4

              Some are so young. And some have seen it all.

             The soldiers. They seem to get younger every year. Sweet young faces that have just started to feel the sting of a nice close shave.

The older Retired Soldiers carry themselves with pride and nod quietly to those who have read about them in history books.

I see their serious looks and beneath that strength I can tell that either generation feels that it was not long ago they were wearing baseball caps and playing little league and soccer.

I see those that have long since come home and in their golden years have suffered the loss of their soul mates.

Up at the campgrounds where we camp every year....We see a lot of enlisted and retired Soldiers.  The owners built this....

I can only guess they built it for those in wheel chairs and/or those who have difficulty walking because of advance age.... So they can fish comfortably and enjoy a piece of their past with less difficulty.

A beautiful spot.

Since it was still being built and I could not access it I chose another place just feet away from the construction of the ramp. There, I chose to place another stone.

A reminder to anyone that may come to this spot to reflect, to find look at the beauty of the lake or perhaps a place to feel less lonely.

                            There is a Gazebo

A cool place where I imagine many have come to visit

And perhaps one person who visits here

Will see a reminder

Will need to see a reminder

They will find a rock
and they will be reminded as they turn the rock over...

                                    That they are not alone

                                         Never ever alone


  1. You ROCK!!! (get it...rock?)But seriously, these are like the rocks that angels would leave, and you could be an angel yourself by actually saving someone. Each of us does what we can and you are giving hope, not a small thing, not a small rock, but a huge mountain.

    1. HI Ginny, thank you so much! I am by no means an angel, but I sure hope that these rocks make people happy and give them hope....That would be AWESOME!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Alice...( it seems so strange to call you that! I am so use to calling you "Ma"!!!!!) LOL! I love the new name to your blog...very very cool!

  3. It's beautiful and the message is perfect.

  4. How very beautiful. I love the symbolism of the rock.

  5. I love what you are doing and I know others will when they discover the rocks.


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