Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Answer To Yesterday's Question

Hi everyone!

  Can't fool you guys!
                 Yes, we were on an actual submarine.

The sub was part of the Intrepid Museum in Manhattan and it was a sight to see.

Mindy got the correct name...Its called the Growler and I was amazed how compact everything was...even the toilets! The tour guide told us that the men spent two months on this sub and when we went downstairs it was so cramp and everywhere you look their was a chance to bang your head or knees.

The men slept in bunk beds ( They call them Racks) four cots high.the beds are six feet long, about half as wide and have about a foot of clearance over the average person’s forehead. how the men in the bottom bunk could stand it was beyond me. The guide also told us that there were bunks even in the torpedo room...could you imagine sleeping next to something that could blow up Manhattan?

We also toured the Intrepid Carrier
Huge comes to mind     the decks are 900 feet.The size of three football fields


           1944     weighs 27,100 tons


The USS Intrepid was built in 1943 and in World War II  she battled and destroyed over 600 enemy aircraft. In addition, she was called to combat during Vietnam and served as a NASA recovery ship.

She held a crew of 3,400 commissioned and non-commissioned naval personnel.
                      On the first floor They had a seal opening where you could see deep below. There is a ladder on the side...could you imagine climbing down?

                                           This is the top of the carrier where all the planes and helicopters are kept. I kept going back in my mind to those grainy WWII documentaries. At one point I was told I was standing at the exact same spot a Kamikaze plane hit.


                                When I found out this was the Captain's quarters ...I couldn't believe it. It was so tiny....then I saw the crew's quarters and thought the Captain quarters were incredibly spacious in comparison

                               Upon entrance we saw this replica of the intrepid made entirely from...Legos!
                               My 10 year old Son was in Heaven!

We even experienced some rides on flight simulators. 
It was a beautiful Spring day and we learned so much too. 
On our way out of the city I took a few pictures of the Freedom Tower that is being built along side the World Trade Centre Memorial. I still cannot bring myself to visit the sight. I grew up with the towers as part of my view from my bedroom window. ( I could see one and I could also see part of the Empire State building). 
I took these from our car.   
    Notice all the red lights? They seem to say...stop and look                                 

Have an Great Day everyone!                                   


  1. What a wonderful excursion, The pictures are great!

  2. Fantastic!!! What an incredible visit. The Legos are very impressive, too. ;-)

    I didn't realize that the Freedom Tower was so far along. And to have grown up with those buildings so much a part of your memories must make it very difficult. Wow.

  3. I didn't even try to guess, I had no idea! Sounds like a great day.

  4. I love New York! That looks like a great trip. I have never seen a submarine up close and personal. Interesting

  5. ha...I knew it was a sub. Great trip...thanks for sharing.

  6. What a great museum to tour! You had quite an adventure and got some good photos! I'll probably never get to see this so I'll enjoy the pics! ♥

  7. Wow, what cool pictures!!! I love so many, and the helicopter with the face on it! Thanks for taking us with you! I would be so claustrophobic!!! It's a wonder the men don't go nuts!

  8. How fun. I think you have had a great trip. Your kids had a great experience. One they will remember for a long time.

  9. What an amazing and fascinating place to visit.
    Love getting to look at ships and submarines. Wouldn't want to live on them though

  10. Subs are so tiny and yet they have a lot of men living in them...My Hubs was on one for 2 years....I saw it, compact is the word
    I like all your pics

  11. Very cool. You wonder how the sailors can even function in such a small place. When I was in H.S. we toured a submarine in Virginia, while on vacation. My mom insisted that we dress up by wearing dresses. We had no idea we would be going up and down so many ladders!

  12. OH goodness my hubs would be freaking out to go there! I'm sure the next we go back to CA we'll have to walk the USS Midway again :)

    Love the pictures, what a fun adventure!


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