Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wednesday's Fashion~~~1940's Summer Fashion Show

       Hi everyone! It's warming up out there! Horray! Today I am taking you back. Have you ever been to a fashion show? The one You are about to see took place in the forties and was supposed to be all about summer wear.

The narrator weaves a story and the models play their parts. This Fashion show seems to have been filmed in Palm Beach

OK, here are a few things I noticed about life in the forties....

1. I guess people didn't sweat or mind the heat of summer because the men are wearing suits in the hot sun!

2. Their resort wear would be considered Dress up clothes now.

3. A bare midriff meant that the skirt or shorts was worn way above the belly button; it also meant that about one or two inches of skin was on display. ...scandalous!

There are terms that I have never heard before...
                                                          Like "patio suit"
                                                          they called outfits "costumes"       
                                                           "Cabana dress"
I love the patio slack suit in the begining and the Tahitian print double knotted Cabana dress toward the end
                                             video posted by  
Times have changed.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!


  1. Love the dresses...women used to look so stylish (although the cigarettes could go). I did get a kick out of those sun outfits...there wasn't much skin left showing for the sun to shine on..maybe that was the idea.

  2. I really like those styles. Much better than showing everything. And not everyone's everything is worth showing. LOL

  3. Quite a bit different from today. Women looked like women and men looked like men. How bizarre!

  4. I like ladies' fashion from the forties.

  5. Gosh, some of them look like they are bundled up for Siberia!!! And a pantsuit is called a slack suit...I do like that cute short playsuit toward the beginning.

  6. Everything is so elegant.

  7. I have always liked the styles of that period. Also the shoes of that time. The video reminds me how everyone used to smoke so much and now you don't see it in public that often. I like that about today.

  8. What a fun video. Oh those woman are so scandelous in their skimpy suits! lol! Beats string bikinis all to you know what if you ask me. I had heard of cabana dress, but not the others. I guess the men wore white so you couldn't see their sweat. lol! Fun, Fun, Fun!


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