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Monday, March 19, 2012

Can You Guess?


Can you guess where we went this weekend?

Here are some clues...


Do you know? Take a guess.
Tomorrow I will post the answer

Have an Awesome Monday!


  1. Did you go to see the USS Growler at the museum? It's my best guess of current tours of submarines. ;-) Looks fascinating!

  2. Are you inside of some kind of space capsule?

  3. I have no idea where you went. I will be waiting for the answer tomorrow.

  4. it looks like you were in a submarine

  5. i am almost never right about these things, but I LOVE playing anyway. So here goes...either a train or a submarine, and I kind of favor the submarine. But how on EARTH you would be doing this is beyond me, I await your story!!!

  6. looks like some sort of navy ship

  7. You got me pondering girl. At first I thought that maybe you were on a train ride. Then It looked more like a Space Station. Guess I'll have to come back tomorrow.

  8. Darn I need to start going from back to front, I knew the answer before reading. But still a cool post!


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