Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Date and the Attack of My Hair

Continuing the week of FIRSTS

 We met while he was back home on leave from the Army.

Summer was almost here and I had kept in touch with him. We wrote letters to each other religiously and Saturday nights we would talk on the phone; me in my little kitchen...him in an Army phone center.

Still...just friends, but yet again there was a sweetness to him that I just couldn't resist. It made my heart flutter.  He even sent me flowers when I was feeling low.

When summer came around he phoned and told me that he was coming home on leave and would I like to go out with him. It would be our first real date.

         "OK" I said.

That is when I started to get nervous. I was going to spend the entire day with him. What if after all this time we didn't like each other? Or Gasp...He didn't like me!  I wanted everything to be perfect. So I decided to tame my curly locks and straightened my hair. I mean you can't do a sultry hair flip with a head full of unmanageable curls.

I had not been introduced to a straightening iron yet so I used a blow dryer. My hair was long. It took me two hours to do my hair. But it was worth it; it was smooth as ...

He came to my door and as soon as we saw each other we hugged. His eyes were the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.

We walked around my neighborhood. I took him to South Street Seaport and we had Italian ices ( something he had been craving for months). He asked if I would like to take a drive to the beach.

Sure I said. But inside I cringed.

Now if you are a person with curly hair you will completely understand. Curly hair and the beach just don't mix especially if you have just spent two hours straightening it.

"What the heck" I thought "I have enough product in my hair...it'll be OK."

We took a nice drive to Long Island where we had a late lunch first. I excused myself to go to the ladies room. I looked in the mirror and was pleased that I still looked fine.

We drove to Jones beach and we walked along the boardwalk. He took my hand in his and it was a perfect fit....like it was meant to be there.

We talked,

      We walked

          We laughed,

              We walked some more. It was windy and a teeny bit humid. As much as I was enjoying our walk. I started to feel something going on with my tresses, my locks, my hair.

The only way I can describe it is that I felt my hair .....expanding. 

It was sucking up all the beach air and moisture like a big giant fluffy hair sponge. The beach, a humid day, and the wind were the perfect recipe for a hair disaster. Just as we were passing a restaurant on the boardwalk I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the windows.

This is what I saw.

 it was a combination of this

and this


with a pinch of this

 and a dash of that
                                Phyllis Diller


Now with all due respect to Phyllis Diller Her look was purposeful and part of her act

                        My look....not so much.

I was able to twisted my lion's mane/cotton candy locks into a ponytail and side braid, all the time wondering why My Date hadn't said anything. Was he just being polite?

Later in our relationship when we reminisced about our first date I laughed about it and said.

"My hair was so frizzy and wild and you never said a word!"

He said "I never saw anything wrong. To me you looked pretty."

I just loved him for saying that.

It's true what they say...Love is blind...Thank God!


  1. That's so sweet! Definitely a keeper. ;-)

  2. So sweet! My hubby's like that too . . .

  3. What a lovely post. Giggled a few times over the whole hair story, don't we all just wish for perfect, thick hair....especially on a first date! I agree with Mindy above, definitely a keeper.

  4. I love this story. Reminds me of the first time I met Jim, it was love at first sight.

  5. You have very good taste in men!!! It IS true though, that men just don't notice things like we do! They did a study about why men don't help straighten up around the house. Turns out they just didn't SEE the mess in the first place. Now where are their heads?...

  6. What a sweet love story. I'll bet he really did like your hair because it was part of who you are. I have straight hair and spend hours curling it. I noticed that most people wish for the opposite of what they have.

  7. I agree with Barb. My hair is straight and I always wanted it curly:)

  8. What a sweet and fun story! Love at first sight I'd say. Sounds like to me he had better things to look at besides your hair. Like maybe your pretty face or sexy body. lol! Loved the pic of the troll. I had troll dolls when I was young. I stored them in a round tin and made clothes for them. Wonder where those trolls are now. Maybe hiding under a bridgge. I first met my hubby when he had just gotten home from basic training.

  9. What a great story and yes love is blind if it wasn't real ugly people would live long lonely lives and they don't they find someone who loves them and thinks they are pretty..........


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