Wednesday, December 28, 2011

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...Fashion Wednesday~~~New Year's Eve

        So we get over Christmas and then there's New Years Eve. As a child we never ever went anywhere for New Year's eve. We all stayed home and Mom and Dad had a glass of Champagne at the end of the night and we got to drink 7up from champagne flutes.

Living in the city you would think that I had gone to see the ball drop in Times Square at least once right?
NOPE. I  don't like crowds. Though they do look like they are having fun.

There have been only two times that I have celebrated New Year's eve away from home. Both times witnessing countless car drivers weaving in and out of consciousness while driving top speed. No thanks brother I am staying home.

I do love seeing the fashions of the people that choose to go out though.  This year is all about the  one sleeve

now for some unsolicited advice...

The one shouldered look is very in this year but quite frankly this is for the young young young. Anyone (not in the best of shape) over 45 sporting this ( especially after giving birth and  breast feeding children) might look like she is smuggling two long loaves of Italian bread.  A bra would definitely be in order but anyone over the cup size of b will most likely be lopsided by night's end. And that loose skin that we sport under our arms will only make a clapping sound if we wave hello to anyone;  Too much to think about I'd say.

Shine shine shine is the name of the game for New Year's, but if you are just a tad overweight (as it is in my case) you may want to cut down on the shine just a bit ...If I wore head to toe shine people might start the countdown whenever I descend a staircase thinking I'm the ball in times square.

Lastly, the kiss at the end of the night. First , make sure you are wearing non-smearing lipstick so that your sweetheart does not end up looking like Milton Berle in drag. If you are lucky to have a sweetie to smooch when the clock strikes twelve then smooch away...remember I wrote the word smooch...not sword fight your way into the new's best to leave that to a more private moment.

Now will I be celebrating New Years Eve? Of course!

Only I'll be wearing this

and sporting these

and there might not be champagne but I can still get a little buzz...I bought the extra large box of Swiss Miss chocolate cocoa mix....


                                              I am set!


  1. I'm with you. We are going out with friends at 7:00. The hubby wanted to go at 6:00. I said, "It's New Year's Eve, let's go at 7:00 so we can feel like we stayed out a bit late." We will be in our jammies by 10:00.

    I do like the one shoulder look. I think it is a great style. You picked some nice dresses.

  2. You and me, too. I will be wearing flannel PJs, and maybe drink some water with my evening meds. Life got simpler when I hit menopause. H.NY!

  3. Well, this looks like fun to me! The older we get, the more comfort matters!!! I'm done sacrificing for beauty!!

  4. Drinks by the pool maybe, a swim perhaps. It is going to be a very warm night.
    Hubby doesnt like crowds and I have been to too many NYE parties where fun is almost forced as people watch the clock until midnight.
    Much rather a relaxing evening with good friends at home if we do anything at all

  5. We are usually in bed long before midnight on New Years Eve and every night. I think I'm more partial to your two sleeved, fleecy slipper look.

  6. I'll never make it till midnight.

  7. We think alike! I do not plan to be out on new years eve...The one sleeve?? I will be wearing the same and drinking hot chocolate too!

  8. I agree with you. Why get on the road with the drunk drivers. I will stay at home, If I feel really energetic I may stay up and watch the 10 o'clock news.

    Happy New Year!!!

  9. @ Retired English Teacher- you are too funny! 7pm is when the cool people come out anyway!

    @ Susan- comfy PJs are the way to go! :0)

    @Ginny- you and me both!

    @Mynx- hanging out by the pool
    Sounds great...I just wish it was warm here...drats!

    @Mybabyjohn/Delores-thanks maybe that will be the new trend next year! Lol

    @ Ma- you are so right about this one!

    @ Kim- Then we can toast at the same time with our mugs filled with hot cocoa!

  10. @ Beth- you are so right! Unfortunately my hubby has to work that night so I will be very nervous 'til he comes home.

  11. I've lived in London all my life and I've never been to Trafalgar Square on NYE for the same reason - I don't like crowds!

    Happy New Year x

  12. i'll be wearing the same thing this year

  13. Can't beat flannel pajamas, my BW looks so cute in hers.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year.


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