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Monday, December 19, 2011

Paper Angel

    Just a few days ago we decorated our Christmas tree. We Always play Christmas music. This year I could not find our traditional Christmas CD. So instead in the background played Tropical Christmas with a bit of a reggae beat. yeah mon... We did have our Traditional hot chocolate

          and Christmas cookies (made by me---no burnt ones in this                batch...that's a first!)

                                    after we place all of the ornaments (most of which were hand made by our kids) on the tree;  we placed the angel on the very top.

In 1995 My Husband when My Hubby and I were celebrating our very first Christmas I was determined to find the perfect topper for our tree. Growing up my family placed a glittery star that lit up on top of our silver Tree that had branches that were stick straight ( hey it was the 70's) Our friends had an angel that moved her arms out and even her wings moved too. I wanted something special as well. So away we went to look for that perfect topper for our tree.

We looked every where but we couldn't find the right one. Then on one outing when we were buying Wrapping paper, we looked on a shelf and way in the back was a paper mache angel.

It wasn't glittery

                    It didn't move

                                          or light up.

We fell in love with her.

She had been marked down considerably. I guess no one wanted her...but we sure did.

Every year we unwrap the angel and place her on our tree. We think back to those early days when we were just starting out and wonder how can so many years have gone by when it feel like it just happened?

The Angel has held up very well in fact she looks brand new and it never ceases to amaze me how just looking at her brings us back to that first Christmas when it was just Hubby and I starting out....just yesterday.

could you believe she is made out of paper?!

                     What is on  top of your tree?


  1. Dang artificial tree doesn't have a strong enough tip to support anything so I got some gold stars on sticks and stuck them in around the top in a circle so it looks like it is wearing a crown of stars.

  2. @ Mybabyjohn/Delores- sound like a really good idea! Who knows, you may market that and become a millionaire!

  3. Your Christmas Angel is beautiful!! What a lovely find!!

  4. She is beautiful. I have a beautiful Santa on my tree but I'm not really a Santa person. If I could find the perfect snowman I believe he would be on top of my tree. (it's the tree, has a difficult top) I always, for years and years had the lighted star!

  5. YUM i'm baking cookies right now

  6. One of the joys of Christmas is the sight of those "old friends" who only share our space in December. We have a tree topper angel, too. Ours does move, and she's been doing it beautifully for 30 years. :)

  7. A beautiful Christmas angel.
    Hope you all have a very happy Christmas.

  8. @ Beth- thanks!

    @ Becca- yum is right. will you be posting pictures?

    @ Debbie- yes, we have ornaments that we can't put on because they are too heavy.

    @ Lisa- wow 30 years! beats my 16 by a mile. :o)

  9. Hi Joanne, Love your darling paper angel. Lucky for you no one else wanted her. A few weeks ago my hubby was listening to a bit of reggae music at work. He texted me and said, "I'll be a stoppin by my dad's house after work, mon". When he got home he said, "How did you like my Jamacian text?" I said, what? Then he explained. I had to laugh. When I read it I thought it said, Hon. Should've worn my glasses. lol! Have a wonderful Christmas. Your cookies look yummy.

  10. She is truly glorious...and brings a special memory every year! She reminds us of the simple pleasures and graceful treasures of life! Happy holidays my friend! ♥

  11. That is a beautiful angel. You are certainly putting me in the mood for Christmas.

  12. She is just beautiful! I never have found the perfect topper, so I put pine cones and red berries. I like the topping that I have, but if I ever find the right ornament to top the tree, I will buy it.

    I once bought a Santa, but I really didn't like the idea of having Santa at the top of the tree since I try to have a more spiritual theme going on. So, the Santa was sent to the family room to sit on a table.

    I put up a small tree in memory of my daughter this year. It is decorated with just her ornaments. She had a darling little angel for a tree topping. So, her tree is topped with this angel.

  13. Usually, we have a star at the top, but since this year's tree has no top (I'm posting pictures of it on the 24t), it has a crystal cross in the center.

    I love your angel. She's beautiful.

  14. So beautiful and great story about you and hubby! Happiest Holidays!

  15. Merry Christmas Joanne! It's been a real pleasure "meeting" you and visiting your blog this past year.

  16. OMGosh I'm in love with her!! JUST beautiful!

  17. We've got a sparkly blue star on top of ours. Merry Christmas!

  18. Just catching up after my mini vacation. She is beautiful!!! I have a paper mache' nativity set, you would never know to look at it. What a great Christmas story about your angel!!! We have been looking for a tree topper for years!!! We finally found a glittery silver star at Cracker Barrel the other day that was half price, $2.50. It will do till we find the perfect one.

  19. PS I'm going to want to find some tropical Christmas music! That sounds great! ♥ Merry Christmas! ♥♥♥


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