Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A night in the City~and a Day to Write a Post

Since my Computer is working in super slow speed and I can't seem to get a post written in less than three hours I have decided to just post a few times a week until after Christmas  when I can try and fix this stupid stinking pile of junk I loosely call a computer....Do I sound too angry?

My frustration

My solution

But since we all know that I am NOT going to trash the computer I will try to post a post today EVEN IF IT TAKES ME ALL STINKING DAY!!!!


OK, I feel a bit better

SOOOOOOO anyhoo,
                On Friday a we went into the city to see the Radio City Christmas Show starring the Rockettes. It was the first time for my friend who was visiting and I think she was quite overwhelmed by the crowds. You see before moving to Upstate New York she and her husband were stationed in Alaska. Big difference for sure! 

We left the house at 4:30 and just made it to the 7pm show. Parking in the city at Christmas time is the biggest pain in the butt ever. I should have taken the train but that would have set her over the edge I think.

The show was great as always and the Rockettes were beautiful and flawless in routines that have been a staple of the show since 1933.
 I have to admit however that my very favorite part is the living Nativity scene. it is breathtaking.

 That is a real camel in the back right corner

I must have taken a hundred pictures! Later on after the show I heard over the loudspeaker that pictures of the show were strictly forbidden. SOOOO I guess I am technically a criminal on the lam.

Later we walked over to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and stood in the midst of a sea of people who were also trying to get the perfect shot.
                                 There is an ice skating rink below
                but I couldn't get close enough to include it in the picture

Then off to St. Patrick's Cathedral....leaves me in awe every time.

The view as you walk into the church


The Stations of the Cross Carved relief from stone


                                                                 The Pieta 
The Pieta was sculpted in 1906 by William Ordway Partiridge. It was inspired by Michelangelo's Pieta in St. Peter's Cathedral at the Vatican in Rome.
The chief sculptor was Francesco LoDestro

I hope you enjoyed the if  New York's finest (police officers) drop by your home asking about some illegal pictures taken at Radio City...MUMS the word OK?


  1. Breathtakingly beautiful images.

    Kitty (moore)

  2. Pictures? What pictures?

  3. O.K., it took you two and a half hours to get to the show. Do you live in New York city? How close to the theater? Well, they should have loudly announced about the pictures ahead of time, or put up big signs!!! I don't even go to places they don't allow pictures anymore!! You pay your money, and patronize them, you should be able to snap and keep your memories. Did you use a flash? Sometimes that bothers the performers, but they will let you snap if you don't use a flash. All your pictures are PERFECT and STUNNING! They are beautiful; you are a very good photographer!!! This leads me to ask why you don't post your own pictures more often?? You are talented, and you must have a very good camera. Your computer may be too loaded with spyware and other junk, that will slow it down. So it may just need cleaned up. Most places you visit will install stuff like cookies and spyware on your computer.

  4. oh wow those are beautiful pictures my son wants to go to new york now more then ever.

  5. I would love to visit there at Christmas sometime. How beautiful! I feel your frustration with the computer.

  6. My son in law just got home tonight from a visit to NY. While there he saw the Rockettes. I have seen them once before at Christmas time in Branson MO.
    I hope you get you computer to behave soon.

  7. What an experience! Any single one of those places would have been amazing. Great colorful 2 dimensional representations!

  8. I have never been to NYC, it all sounds so glamourous!

  9. Gorgeous pictures!! I love the live nativity cool. I was just in NYC for my first time and fell in love. :-) Hope you find a solution to the computer problem soon. Have a great day!

  10. @ kitty- thank you!

    @ mybabyjohn/Delores- lol!

  11. @Ginny- thanks Ginny, i just have a regular nikon and for the most part i am not thrilled with the camera....the reason the pictures came out so good is because you just cant take a bad picture at Radio City music hall. And i think they came out so pretty is also because i did not use the flash. I think that made all the difference.

    @ Becca- thanks, it is fun but oh sooooo crowded!

    @Barb- yes it is really pretty in the city this time of year

    @Beth- wouldn't it be funny if your son in law and i were at the same show?!

    @ Susan Kane- thanks Susan!

    @ Ma- yes it is very pretty there at Christmas time

    @ Tracy Jo- i grew up there but i really like the quiet of where i am living now.

  12. I've never been to NYC either! What great photos..and I won't tell if you won't tell Santa I haven't been good! heehee! Happy holidays to you my friend! ♥

  13. amazing the first couple about the computer....and the New York ones...stunning. You do some pretty awesome things....☺

  14. We saw the Rockettes here in Atlanta last year and I agree, the live Nativity is beautiful. St. Patrick's is awe inspiring and something I'd love to see. Maybe on my next visit to New York. Merry Christmas!

  15. You lucky gal. Your trip to the City makes up for the crappy computer--at least for this week. I'd love to see that Radio City Music Hall Christmas performance. Last time I went to Radio City Music Hall was probably around 1969. I think it cost something like $5 and you could stay for hours watching live performances alternated with movies. I was great entertainment.

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  16. What a bummer about the computer :( I need more ram mine is running slow .. ugh

    The shows look amazing, I wish to go sometime. I'm loving the tree too!


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