Monday, December 05, 2011

A Tree Lighting NOT in Rockefeller Center

If you are ever in New York in the month of December you have to go see the Christmas  tree at Rockefeller center. It is huge! There is a great big tree lighting ceremony and people come from all over to see it lit for the first time.

The Christmas tree usually stands on average about 70 feet...once once reaching 100 feet. 

So... not to be out our little neck of the woods our town has its own version of a great tree lighting ceremony. A few years back they started off by planting a tree a bit smaller than the one in  Rockefeller Center... I think it was a bit shy of 70 feet...OK it was about 10 feet high but the Fire department came and so did Santa.
                              Santa was like a Rock Star instantly
                                            surrounded by Children wanting to meet him!

 Hot chocolate was given out and there was music galore. This year it was no different except the initial crowd (a few years back of just about 30 or 40)  has grown significantly. This year the tree looked to be about 12 feet (its growing nicely) Santa came by firetruck as usual but was also accompanied by some of the prettiest horses you have ever seen!

                            This guy stole my heart

So Maybe it's not Rockefeller Center With it's multitudes of happy tourists and famous ice skating rink, but it suits us just fine      


  1. Anywhere Santa shows up it's a good time.

  2. There is nothing to match hometown celebrations, be they 4th of July or Christmas, The tree is beautiful as are the horses!!

  3. @ mybabyjohn/Delores~ He's a hit whever he goes! :O)

    @ Beth~ Yes they are and the kids will have sweet memories from them! :O)

  4. What wonderful photos! I love living in a small town that does great things like this! I hope we can go to the park and see Santa again this year! ♥

  5. It doesn't have to be 70 ft. tall. It looks beautiful and the horses are gorgeous!

  6. What a fun tradition. Here in Alpine there is a lone pine up on a mountainside that someone lights up. Always love seeing it. That horse would steal anyones heart!

  7. I could have sworn I commented on this, I'm loosing it .. lol.

    I love your town tree and Santa is a rock star here too :).

    That guy would steal my heart too!


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