Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas.....Ahhhhhhhhh What a Relief!

I am sitting staring blankly at the computer screen and I've got nothin'

It's sort of like when It's dinner time and there you are staring into the fridge hoping that an idea...any idea of what to cook comes to you, but all that happens is that you realize you have spent 5 minutes staring at frozen chicken breasts.

All I have come up with is the fact that I am glad that Christmas is over. No, I am not a scrooge. I love Christmas, but I think ( for a Mom) in addition to Mother's day the next best day has got to be December 26th. No more stress-filled days of preparation. Every year without fail I have a no holds barred crying fit. It usually comes from a pile-up of things that go wrong and the stress of being a hostess with hardly anytime to spare.

This year was different. I did not have my annual breakdown where my husband looks at me like this.

I wondered why and I finally figured it out.

I didn't aim for things to be perfect.

That's it.

I accepted that there were things that I was just not going to be able to do and I didn't think twice about letting go.

For example every time I went to get Christmas cards made at CVS there was a long line and or the photo machines were not working. After trying several stores  I said "what the heck; I just wont send them this year"...and you know what? The world did not come to a screeching halt and went right along turning without the cards.

The awesome seafood dinner that I was going to make for Christmas eve  became homemade sauce with ziti and meatballs.

The kids did not get every single thing on their list and you know what? They loved the gifts they got and were thrilled.

I gave my Mom a purse and hat and glove set and I also made her very favorite dishes for Christmas and she loved that more than the fancy schmancy Microwave we got her a few years back.

So I am glad this Christmas is over and I can place all those great memories and seal them in my heart. It was not perfect....but in a way it really was.

Hmmm, I did have something to write about after all and guess what we're going to have for dinner tomorrow...Chicken. Go figure... I killed two birds with one stone!


  1. Yay for you and I totally understand that stress overload thing. I spent boxing day morning putting things back in order and then spent the afternoon reading and snoozing in the hammock.
    The world doesn't stop if cards don't get sent and there are no prawns Christmas eve. Much better if Mum doesnt have a meltdown after I think

  2. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas Joanne! But what a relief indeed:)

  3. I'm with you....it was a good day and I'm glad it's over. 2012 is a leap year to 364 days to Christmas. Deep breath.

  4. I understand completely your feeling of relief. And, as for the chicken, just dip it in a beaten egg, roll it in seasoned bread crumbs, put it on a pan sprayed with pan spray and then spray the top of the chicken with the pan spray and bake. Works every time for me.

  5. I just finished reading an article saying that for women, their favorite day of the year is the day after Christmas!! It's the trying to be perfect that will get you every time. That is the reason for Jesus, after all!!! I'm so glad you didn't pressure yourself this year!!

  6. i love Christmas but like you i'm glad it's over.

  7. I found you at Joyful Chaos. I understand how you feel after Christmas. I remember all the shopping I did when I had children at home, worrying that they wouldn't be happy with their gifts and stressing over the huge dinner I had to make. Now they are all grown and gone. We have dinner at the youngest daughters home, We do NOT exchange gifts and it has become what it was meant to be, a peaceful, and joyous time to reflect on the reason we celebrate Christmas.

  8. I'm relieved for you. Hope you enjoyed that chicken.
    Blessings to you, Joanne.

  9. Hi Joanne, yup, I did the same thing. No Christmas cards from me this year. First time in like, I can't remember when. Didn't hurt one bit. Maybe next year people will say, "Oh, glad to see that the old girl is still kickin". lol! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. I too am ready to move on and greet the New Year. I love the holiday, but it's awfully nice to have a slower pace and get the house back in order. Even just for a little while.

  10. I am a big and I am big lover of Christmas but even I do like it when it's over it means I can relax for a bit and not feel like I have so much to do and so little time to do it all in, like most mothers.............lol

  11. Good mornings Joanne!! I agree with you! For me the true meaning of Christmas is Jesus and the celebration of gift giving is fun but not as connectec to Jesus for me. It is a fun giving time that can be filled with fantastic memories or angst! Depending on situations, mood, and those around us. I love your post! I'm proud of you! Thank you for saying Merry Christmas instead of settleing for Happy Holiday!! :)

  12. very cool Debby...your words hit home and I'm with you....glad Christmas is over even though it was great...lots of fun. I struggle with it's build up though and then poof...it's all over...and the exhaustion hits. So for now...rest...take it easy and enjoy.

  13. sorry Joanne..I wrote your name wrong...that's what happens when you comment on one blog right after another. :(

  14. I stare at the same screen with nothin to say...such as today! I do not expect perfect anymore then it does become the perfect Christmas

  15. It's a tough lesson to learn, the idea of allowing things to not be perfect. I had to hit the half century mark before I figured that out, so you're way ahead of me! Seems that you figured it out early on. :)

  16. I know exactly what you mean and agree with you totally. I too eliminated a couple of things this year and it was truly a relief.


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