Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who's Afraid of The "Big" Bad Dog?

Hi Everyone,
                First let me start by apologizing for not posting the last few days. Let's just say that my computer has been really s-l-o-w. There is something definitely wrong with it. It takes forever to load and commenting on other blogs has become impossible. But all is not lost...where there's a will there's a way right?...so on with the post.....

This past weekend some very dear friend came and stayed with us. We try to visit at least twice a year and at the end of every visit we hug and cry. We will all miss them... all except maybe for...our Dog Max. Remember our dog Max? Here's a picture.

Whatta face huh? Well it just so happened that on this visit our very dear friends brought along their dog. Right off the bat their dog was obsessed with our Dog.

He just wouldn't leave our dog alone

I think Max would label him as a vicious animal.

Wherever Max went our friends dog followed. A few times he even challenged our dog by staring him down threatened with his "vicious" bark.
 Max had never been confronted by such a "in your face" kind of dog.

Even though Max might have been in a bit of danger I let him fight his battles with this dog.

The weekend ended and Max came out of it unscathed.

and Thank God for that too because there were few times there where I thought my Max was a goner.

I mean when faced with an adversary as tough as this....


We're lucky Max is still alive!  :O)

By the end of the weekend they started to get along. They even wore their matching sweaters.

Its not music that soothes the savage beasts....it's bacon.



  1. The last picture is adorable, and what a face in the first!!! From the pictures, you would think they were the best of friends!! Must have made for a stressful visit!

  2. @ Ginny~ LOL! Oh not at all! My Friends dog was just very curious, and I think he thinks that he's a lot bigger than he is....Max held his own. My Friends dog is so funny and cute...ya gotta admire that kind of spunk! :O)

  3. What a cute story and I love the pics.
    Little dogs always seem to come with twice as much attitude than big dogs

  4. How cute;)

    Sorry about your computer. Mine has been acting funny, too.

  5. What a pair of sweeties. I love the last shot...you can tell that tail is wagging like crazy.

  6. They both look so cute in the matching sweaters.

    I hope your computer get back on track soon. Have you defragged lately>

  7. @ Mynx- LOL! That is so true!

    @ Ma- thanks, we really should get a new one but i am going to try to get this one fixed first. Ugh!

    @ mybabyjohn/delores- LOL! I hadn't noticed the tail :0)

    @ Beth - thanks Beth I did try to do that but it wasn't successful. This is a job for the geek squad i think. It took me hours just to do this post! I just kept leaving to do other things while it loaded...ugh!

  8. Those little dogs can be aweful naughty (I've got a Doxy who occasionally shows her bad side). I'm glad Max survived.

  9. You have to watch out for those little yappy dogs--they can deceive one into thinking they are harmless. Cute cute photos.

  10. @ MTeacress- yep those little dogs can be a handful. They are so cute that they easily get away with it. LOL

    @ Susan Kane - he was so cute even when he was barking and following my daog around, I couldnt help but laugh

  11. Oh, those matching sweaters are the best and that last picture is so endearing.
    Keep enjoying.

  12. HaHa! Your last line is priceless...and true! My dogs wound concur. And just cause the visitor is little, don't rule him out as a worthy adversary. My daughter has a pair of mini Dachshunds that think they're Rottweilers. LOL

  13. Poor Max...ha! Those sweaters are fantastic!

  14. The only picture showing was the matching sweaters. We went to Florida and left our dog with our granddaughter to watch. They have a small dog, our Lucy is medium-big.
    Your blog was very humourous because it was so true. Thanks for sharing.
    We have computer problems from time to time. We bought the Mechanic Professional from WalMart and it keeps things fairly under control. We love it.
    Y'all have a great big Happy Christmas.

  15. Nice pictures, love the sweaters. Little dogs can be the most feisty.

  16. OMGosh those faces are so cute! I love the sweaters!


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