Thursday, February 23, 2012

Max Takes Over

            My Name is Max,
                         and since Da Mama is a bit busy I decided to come to the rescue and take over the blog for today.  Hmmmm what to write about what to write ab.....................Is that a squirrel?!!!
 False alarm

   Anyway, as I was saying...I have decided to take time from my busy schedule to help Da Mama with her post today. and believe you me Da mama is very grateful that I could make time for this...what with me being so busy and all


Hey who posted that picture? Come on show them what I really do all day.

Hilarious Da Mom; Just don't be surprised if one of your slippers goes missing!

Anyhoo, My little paws were busily typing away and searching for some cool animal videos.

Here are a couple of videos that I found that I thought were just adorable and guaranteed to make you smile. The first one is titled Lyze- The Happiest Owlet. She definitely makes those other owls jealous!


                        The next one is soooooooooo funny. I don't know how the creator of this video did it but this is priceless. It's called
Ultimate Dog Tease 

Well That's it for now, I hope you all liked the post today. Excuse me I gotta get back to work.



Very funny mom......where's that slipper!


  1. I do love it when the pets take over the blog. Good fun today

    “Lizard Happy”

  2. Max is a honey...and sooo busy.

  3. Max is beautiful! Those videos are awesome...great job, Max. Da mama will be proud. Have a great day, Joanne and Max!

  4. I hope you don't mind me horning in on your blog, but at the mention of New York on Beth's blog made me want to have a 'nose' as I'm hoping to have my first visit there in June., However when I saw Max I nearly keeled over, he is so like my lovely dear departed Jet, my gorgeous Border collie who left me over six years ago, so I'm just saying Hi Max, you look real handsome and so talented. Keep blogging bye from we 3

  5. The dog tease video is probably the funniest thing I've seen in - forever! I can watch it over and over and it never stops being funny! Cute owlet too :-)

  6. Hehe are the slippers missing? LOL

    Max I want your life :).

    P.S. DaMama you can always have one of the Fiber One Brownies. They are delish!! You'll love the sleep smoothie :)

  7. Max, you're just adorable, how old are you? I LOVE the owl video. The dog one s a commercial on T.V. it is SO funny!!!

  8. Those videos were so darn funny. Well worth watching!

  9. Loved the talking dog video, brilliant thanks for sharing.


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