Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Playing Hookey with Mom and Dad

  Bad mommy bad mommy.

               I know her teachers would have said "That's not legal!"

My Daughter is 14 years old today and yesterday instead of sending her to school....I let her stay home. I know Bad Mommy, but there's a reason.

On Sunday we celebrated with family. Later that night she came to me a bit upset. She said she felt as if she was kind of invisible that day.

Her cousin and my son played ninjas or special ops or whatever boys like to play....and well 14 year old girls just don't.

All the adults were in the Kitchen hanging out and talking and she felt......left out.

It was her birthday and she felt left out.

I felt horrible. My Husband felt horrible. It was wrong.

So I told her. "You and Daddy and I are going to take the day off tomorrow. It'll be just us three."

 I called the school to let them know that she would not be in yesterday.We took our baby girl out to eat for lunch at the restaurant of her choice.

We didn't talk about school or grades. We talked about everything and anything else. We laughed and joked around.

Later we took a walk. We went to the mall and she got to do something that she has wanted to do for quite a long time now....she got her ears pierced.

As she walked down the stairs this morning she was a absolutely beautiful....radiant even.

For a long while I have been feeling those familiar "Mother of a Teenager pangs" you know the ones where you feel that the more you want to hold on the more they want to escape and be free? It's normal.
 I have accepted the fact that She is getting older and craves more freedom. My job with my Husband is to hold on tight, but with full knowledge that our grasp is weakening. The pull is too strong and as much as we dislike it...she getting older and growing up. Eventually we will have to let go, but not now not yet.  This time she didn't pull away. she wanted to be with us and we were there.   

Yesterday we made our Daughter very happy. She had fun being with us and we were thrilled to hang out with her.

She is a great kid. A caring, intelligent beautiful young lady. And I thank God everyday.

Many would say it was irresponsible and wrong  not to send her to school. They might say that the day with her could have been planned for another day.....but you know what?...it couldn't.

 Sometimes things like this just can't wait. I say she is a great student and missing one day won't make a huge difference in her grades but it made a huge difference to her and I wouldn't trade those hours yesterday with her for all the money in the world.
Her smile and hug this morning was all the proof I needed.

Happy Birthday Baby Angel.

               I love you with all my Heart,


P.S. It was fun playing hookey with you!


  1. Sounds like it was a good move to me.

  2. What fun! Through all the ups and downs the years ahead could hold, she'll still treasure and remember that day. What a blessing!!!

  3. What a perfect day. Life is too short to not take days like this...what a wonderful gift. I loved those times with my parents and only made our relationship stronger. You are a good mama!

  4. You are not a bad mom. Children need that affirmation, especially in their tender years. You did the right thing playing hookey with your daughter. I hope I remember to do the same with my kids one day:)

    Says a teacher:)!

  5. It is rough being caught between adult and child. You were right.

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter and congrats to her parents! good job mom and dad!

  7. sounds like an awesome move to me I'm may do the samething for little man as my brother is getting married the weekend of his birthday and everyone will be caught up in wedding plans that week so I may be stealing I mean borrowing this idea from you to do with my son.

    PS tell that gorgeous daughter of yours i said happy boethday and she is awesome.

  8. congrats! For making a good choice! And Happy Birthday to your daughter! They do grow up so fast...my 2 granddaughters will be 12 in a few months...I want to spend quality time with them as much as their parents do. (plus my grown kids, too!)

  9. Well, you've got me crying now....it is true that sometimes things done on the spur of the moment are the very best. And NO, it couldn't have waited. You are THE best parents, and now she will remember this birthday for the rest of her life, and probably tell her kids about it. Sometimes you just KNOW that something is right!

  10. You are wonderfully loving parents. The proof is in the product. This story is very touching too. Your daughter's lucky to have you.

  11. I think you did the right think she needed to feel special and ok so she missed a day of school big whoop,and I agree it couldn't have waited it wouldn't have been the same.....

  12. I agree with you. She will always remember this day with you. She will not remember what she would have done in school. Congratulations on being such wise, wonderful, caring, and fun parents. I don't think you have to worry a bit about this girl.

  13. If my parents had done that when I was 14 I would have been over the moon :)

  14. You did good Mum. What she learned and experienced with you and her dad was worth much more than a day at school. She will make up the missed school work and she will always remember her special day off

  15. She is one blessed young lady! Also, I'll have to remember this for my preteen's next birthday.

  16. Ahhh what a blessed day she had! What a wonderful little lady to be able to tell you how she is feeling.

  17. What a sweet post Joanne. Missing a day of school will definately not break a child. Missing an opportunity such as this could. Now she will feel so much better about herself and life. I remember pretending to have a sore throat every now and then just to spend a day with mom. I may not have been a straight A student, but I did fine. Happy birthday to your new little teen!

  18. Beautiful post! And . . . I'm a teacher! I think it's totally ok to spend a hooky day with your darling daughter. Those moments are so fleeting, and they grow up way too fast. Now that my girls are grown, I will on occasion play hooky and spend a day with them. And, I think it's perfectly fine! I don't have one ounce of guilt! I hope you don't, either.


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