Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Thoughts of My Baptism

Hi everyone!

         First I want to thank each and everyone of you for your thoughtful comments and wishes.

Yesterday I took all your good wishes and prayers for me and I held them close as I entered into my new life.

As you may know I was baptized yesterday and it was so much more than I expected.

I could sing a song about it.

                           But I can't really sing.

I could try to do some kind of interpretive dance.

                           but seriously you do NOT want to see that.

I could paint a picture.

 but I'm convinced there is no artist in the world
                     that could capture such a beautiful moment.
                                        Thomas Kinkade

So I will just write


I arrived at church and was welcomed by my family who were there to share this Joy.

As the Pastor spoke to me to explain what would happen during the service it was hard to concentrate because of my nerves. I could hear my heart beat pounding in my head drowning out his instructions.

My Family and I sat and enjoyed the service.

Toward the end he called me up with my husband and instantly my nerves were gone.

              I professed My Faith and Love of Jesus and as I said those words my voice grew stronger. I know God was there. I could also feel the love of everyone there and I knew...
                   This is where I belonged.

                                In an email that I later sent I wrote that I felt that I had waited all my life for that moment, I just didn't know it until then.

As I walked down a few stairs into the Baptismal waters I stumbled a bit. since I wasn't wearing my glasses I couldn't see the last big stair clearly. Of course! what this church congregation will soon find out about me is that I am a klutz, So what better time to show them that fact then at my Baptism!

Now the next part is difficult to write about because no words are good enough to describe how I felt. It seemed to happen in an instant yet in slow motion all at the same time.  The Pastor lowered me into the water and when I emerged I felt an unbelievable "In pouring" of love. That's the only way that I can describe it. It was an indescribably beautiful feeling.

                    It was as if I was lifted into the warmest most comforting light imaginable, but the light wasn't outside ...it had been poured in me! I wanted to stay in that perfect moment forever.  My heart was filled with such peace and love ...I know that it was God. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life.

I hope to carry that gift of light and love forever.

My prayer would be that I could take that Love and Peace and Joy I received and share it with each and everyone of you.

Its the kind of gift you can't keep to yourself...It shines too brightly and shines even brighter when shared....and there is always enough for everyone who wants it.  Thank You God

                                     Blessings, Joanne


  1. You've had a wonderful experience.. I hope, as you say, that feeling follows you for the rest of your life and beyond.

  2. Sounds like such a wonderful experience. I would love to be baptized one day, but it just feels as it's never the right time for me. :-/

  3. Congratulations...I was baptized several years ago...along with my husband. That is one of the best days of our lives together.

  4. Fantastic! What a wonderful opportunity. Thanks for sharing it with us, even when it's so hard to put into words--you did it beautifully!

  5. Blessing to you. I am so happy for you. God Bless You!

  6. Joanne, what a wonderful experience for you!!! We believe that when you accept Jesus, The Holy Spirit actually comes and lives in you, and I think his may be what you are feeling. And He promises us that nothing will prevail against us!!

  7. Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone. I was baptized when I was 12 and still remember it clearly.

  8. Joanne...this is so totally awesome. I love how you described your experience and the best is what you said about wanting to carry it to the world. Thanks for sharing. I loved reading it.

  9. Hi Joanne, what a wonderful day for you girl! I was baptised when I was 11. I remember that special day. There are so many different religions out there. Good and bad people in all of them. I think what ever religion you are, having faith in God and Jesus Christ is what is so important. So happy for you!

  10. Absolutely beautiful. A moment that will stay in your heart forever. Your story made my heart smile. :-)

  11. "My prayer would be that I could take that Love and Peace and Joy I received and share it with each and everyone of you."
    I copied these words that you wrote! You ARE sharing it with us! I am so happy for you and know how lifted up you feel at baptism. Now you can have that close relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ....and rely on them for your every need! I'll say a prayer of Thanksgiving for your baptism, my friend! I have tears of happiness just reading your post. I'm so glad you honored us by sharing. Blessings to you...always! ♥♥♥

  12. You describe the moment of your baptism so beautifully, Joanne. I share your faith. Welcome to the family!


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