Monday, February 27, 2012

Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired

            I'm not happy with my weight. I used to be quite skinny. In fact when I got married I weighed 128 pounds, and I am 5'7 1/2" tall.  They say when you are happily in love and settled that you gain weight. I thought...gain weight because you're happy? ...not me.

Well folks I must have been deliriously joyful because here I am almost 17 years later and 40+ pounds overweight ( when I write "plus" I mean add another 10 more pounds)

What the heck happened? When I had my little girl I lost the weight and then some.

When I had my Son that's when the fat stuck to me like glue. It hugged me and kept me comfy and warm. It told me that I deserved to have ding dongs and that chips were so thin they couldn't possibly be that bad.

As I gained...My brain told me "you are still skinny"

When I couldn't fit into my old size; my brain said "Those European sizes run really small"

Clothes no longer feel comfortable. Now look, I am NOT one of those women that wear spandex or clothes that are two sizes too small.  What I do wear never ever feel comfortable. jeans roll down to expose muffin tops.

Belly at times make me look pregers.

And whats the deal with the flappy arms? notice I wrote flappy NOT flabby....because I have recently noticed some kind of flapping action there. Waving Good bye has now become a controlled motion curtailing the  inevitable flapping back and forth of arm flab. In others words...I try to not wave too hard for fear of creating a breeze with said arm flabbidge.

There's more jiggle than a bowl of jello in an earthquake.

This has got to stop people.

I am so tired of feeling this way... and I am so tired of complaining. I'm the cause of all this.

I'm tired of feeling tired.

So I am making a list of things that I want and things that I don't want


1. I don't want to dread getting in a bathing suit

2. I want a flatter tummy so that people don't mistake me for a pregnant woman


3. I don't want to have to wear one of these every time I want to wear a dress

4. I want to dance without all the extra jiggle.

5. I don't want to Look at a large blouse and think it's still too small for me.

6. I want to feel Good again.

So I back at square one and I'm trying again...No fad diets , no Nutrisystem ( can't afford it even if I wanted it anyway)

I'm going to try to do this the old fashioned way........liposuction   Diet and exercise

See that side bar? That is where I will jot down my progress and my failures...hopefully the latter won't occur very often.

I had penne Ala vodka I am off to a horrible start.

What's on the menu for breakfast?   Hard boiled egg and dry toast. coffee

Will I say goodbye to my faves? No. I will have them not as often and portions will be a lot smaller.


Lots of fruits and veggies will have to be the norm.

Maybe I'll go from being sick and tired to

Feeling Healthy and energetic...time will tell.

So are you sick and tired too?


  1. Good for you! I'll be cheering you on:)

  2. Yes, I am feeling sick and tired right along with you. Keep on the diet and exercise. I will be cheering you on!

  3. I totally understand. I'm 5'9" and I used to weigh 125. For years. Once I hit my mid to late forties my body started changing. My hips got wider, my tummy got bigger. I don't like it one bit. After my surgery last year, I lost some weight and felt much better about myself. I've gained a bit back and I want to lose it.


  4. Oh, dear friend! We are in the same rocky boat! I was 105 and 5"5 when I married. Now I'm OMG 70 pounds heavier! Did I just write that? OMG again! Let's motivate each other! I want to lose at least 35 right now.I will be rooting you on. Let's do this thing!!!!!!!!!

  5. I lost 50 pounds a few years ago by eating whatever I wanted for meals, no snacks and desserts, nothing after dinner. And I took off on the weekends and ate whatever I wanted!! The weight came off fast and it was a pretty painless way to diet. Ella was laying her head on my lap and she said "Ginny, your tummy is like a squishy pillow." she meant it in a kind way of course, she is only five! Good luck!!!!

  6. I feel your pain. Yes, I am sick and tired. I have finally been losing a little weight. I mostly just make sure we eat more meals at home, and I am conscious (sorta, kinda) of trying to make sure that what my husband and I eat is heart healthy. That all helps. It helps to exercise also.

  7. Maybe this will make you feel better... ;-)

  8. I can totally relate to your feelings. My husband and I have been on a diet since vacation and we are doing really good. He has a calorie ap for his phone. It also helps that we are encouraging each other. We know we are in it for the long haul We mostly eat vegetables, fruit, chicken and fish. Our breads are 15 grain when we have it. Best of luck to you.

  9. Yes we are sick and tired too. My BW is fighting Diabetes and overweightness. I'm concerned about the former because to me she looks great, but diabetes is so silent. I'm heavier than I should be too.
    Watch out for sugar- bread, cakes, macaroni, rice and almost every processed food.
    We are wishing you the best of luck with your efforts and a night-time prayer for you.

  10. You can do it sweet friend! It's not easy and it takes time but you can do it...I can tell you are determined! I was always skinny, too but then I started gaining weight a few years ago. Almost 2 years ago, I changed my diet and lost 26 pounds and I've kept it off this whole time. You have to write everything down...don't let yourself get hungry and find substitutions for snacks. I don't eat any sugar and fewer carbs but all of the other food that I like. There's a blog I've been enjoying that might help you, too. Have you been to Tony's fitness? Be sure and read the story of his's inspiring!
    Send me your address, sweet friend and I'll send you a card! Hugs! ♥

  11. Way to go girlie!! You know I'm right behind you and sadly my love handles and other parts would still be seen if I tried to hid behind you. This large tummy is crazy! I want to look at something with out an x after the size :)


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