Friday, September 14, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Animated Short "Rooted"


     Hi Everyone and welcome!
                    It's Friday and on Fridays I always try to post some art that has intriqued me and that I hope you enjoy as well

                                     I LOVE Art!

       Today I want to post an animated short that I found on You Tube ...and I have to tell you this one just ran away with my heart.  

 Without further delay I give you this beautiful love story... Rooted
                         Uploaded by: 
CREDITS: Edwin Schaap (Animation, Editing, Art, Compositing), Jeroen Hoolmans (Character Rigging, Programming, Compositing), Pim Reinders (Environments, Animation, Effects, Compositing), Floyd Angenent (Layout, Modeling, Rigging, Compositing), Vidjay Beerepoot (Music), Ronnie van Overveld (Sound Design & Final Mix)

Now go on and have a great weekend...

                                and don't forget to hug someone!

                                                                             Blessings, Joanne


  1. Hugs to you, and thanks for the youtube video.

  2. So sweet......and so sad.

  3. love stories are sometimes bittersweet...
    happy weekend to you too!

  4. I really like animated and love stories...and I like art too:)

  5. Thanks for sharing, always enjoy your post`s... Youtube can be used for good... lol


  6. Aaaaawww. that's so sweet. Sad at the same time but still, it's so touching. Hugs for you and have a nice weekend, Joanne!

  7. {hugs} back to you :)

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  8. Ahhh I so needed a hug, and one back to you my dear :). Very sweet and teary.

  9. What a beautiful post... and short cartoon... it brought tears to my eyes!!
    Hugs to you { }!!

    Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice


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