Friday, September 28, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~Lisa Hannigan~ Lille~

Welcome! Don't stand out there in the rain...please come in, have some tea and stay a while. Today, I bring you a song and video that are a perfect match. I've included the lyrics...please feel free to sing along~

He went to sea for the day
   He want to know what to say
        When he's asked what he'd done
              In the past to someone
                       That he loves endlessly
                            Now she's gone, so is he

I went to war every morning
    I lost my way, but now I'm following
        What you said in my arms
               What I read in the charms
                    That I love durably

                      Now it's dead and gone and I am free


I went to sleep for the daytime
    Shut my eyes to the sunshine
        Turned my head away from the noise
            Bruise and drip decay of childish toys
                 That I loved arguably  
                     All our labouring gone to seed

Went out to play for the evening
     We wanted to hold onto the feeling
            On the stretch in the sun
                  And our breathlessness as we run
                       To the beach endlessly

            As the sun creeps up on the sea


Singer: Lisa Hannigan  Song: Lille from the album "Sea Sew"
Video directed by: Jamie Hannigan
Pop-up Book made by: Maeve Clancy and Jamie Hannigan
Up-loaded to You tube by: 

                       Have a melodious weekend!!
                                    Blessings, Joanne



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