Thursday, September 27, 2012

Real Camping~ Day and Night 2

We woke up to a glorious day.

  And the best part was that I did not have to cook breakfast. Hubby had made coffee eggs and bacon.

We happily planned our day and fishing was first on the list

We caught nothing so fish was not on the menu that night

Later we had a feast of steak and potatoes.

As the sun started to set My husband made a nice campfire and we made smores~~We call them Schmoes

We noticed that as the sun set, there were no stars to be seen.

Oh oh...could that mean it's going to rain?
Then my daughter and I noticed something in the background.

Something over the nearby mountain

Lightening flashes behind the clouded sky

Within 20 minutes we were all in the tent listening to the rain

then the wind~

Then crackle BOOM!

the lightening lit up the inside of our tent and let me tell you I was scared


Our Dog cried and whined and the only way to calm him was to let him sleep on my mattress. I held him like a baby

My Daughter asked " Mom are you scared?"

I answered, "No Baby, I'm not"

But I was! I WAS!

My Darling Daughter J was sitting up on her mattress right beside me and Sweet Son was huddled with Dad on the other side of the tent

The tent came with a rain fly (a sort of extra covering) for the rain and it was held in place to the ground by some stakes

We could feel the water flowing and rushing all around us outside

The sides of the tent bowed and shook

I prayed

I really prayed

At one point I couldn't hear anyone talking

All we heard was the sound of the storm
It echoed and seemed to bounce against and back from every tree, every rock

and just when I thought the tent could not withstand anymore...the rain slowed and the lightening faded into the distance

Finally, the crickets started their song again and sleep took us away to la la land. Ahhhh finally we could get some rest


around 3am when my daughter woke me up and said she had to go to the bathroom...

Happy Birthday to me


  1. Ah, camping! Sounds like fun, though, rain or not. I never thought about kids having to pee at 3. Lucky you. lol Is there a day 3?

    1. Hi Jeremy, she wouldn't have had she not held it in because she was terrified of the potra potty...but that's another post!

  2. Oh wow! I would have been terrified. :-D

    1. I never thought I could be that scared of a storm!

  3. That sounds like a terrifying experience. I am glad you are all ok.

    1. At the time it was insanely scary, but we just put it aside as just another one of our adventures!

  4. see this is why my idea of camping requires a hotel happy everyone is ok
    Come Say HI

    1. LOL! Yes Becca Hotel camping is really the only way to go!

  5. In a tent in a thunder/lightning storm is not a good place to be.

  6. Terrified would describe me in a tent in a storm too...too bad no fish but yall had memories from the trip

  7. You really are a trooper! HECK if I felt or EVEN saw a drop in the distance we would be hitting the deck time to go! You mom rock!!

    Happy Birthday sweetie!

  8. I think going to the camper bathroom at 3 am would be the worst part for me!

  9. Hi Joanne, so sweet of hubby to cook you a birthday breakfast. When we go camping my hubby loves to cook breakfast outdoors and I am so willing to let him. lol! I love the sound of rain when I'm outdoors, but thunder and lightening in a tent can be very scary. So glad that it did subside. Hope you had a great time!

  10. You had my attention when you mentioned smores. I would have been really scared in that storm. All in all it sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  11. Happy Birthday sweet friend! I hope you really did feel special and have a good time! Enjoy the lots of cake! Birthday hugs coming your way!


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