Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad Times in Fairytale World~~My Visit With Snow White

I am in such a fairytale mood, so much so that I went to visit my good friend Snow White

"Hi Snow White! Long time no see!"

"Why Joanne, It has been a long time! I heard that you dropped by Cinderella's Castle earlier in the year and I wondered why you hadn't paid me a visit."

"Well,  Snow white, I didn't have your new address. What happened to that huge Castle?"

"We downsized."                 

"Oh my."

"Yes the bad economy hit hard here too. Charming had to take a cut in pay and just when all 7 Dwarfs moved out...they all moved back in."

"Wow I had no idea."

"Oh yes, The mines closed down and they all came back home to start anew."  Snow pours some tea into mismatched chipped cups.        

"That must have been difficult."

"You better believe it."

"What about your step mom...I'm afraid to ask."

"Oh everyone thinks that she died but the old witch is still kickin',  in fact she isn't such a threat anymore. she lives in a retirement community in Boca and she indeed is the fairest of them all there.  She has had so much plastic surgery that you can bounce a quarter off her face."

"Yowza. Any kids?"

"We are trying but all these mouths to feed we are taking our time.

"So what is Charming up to these days?"

"Well after we sold the castle he realized he was a good salesman so now he's behind the counter at The Cinderella's castle gift shop in Disney."


"Ach, It's a living. Want a I Cinderella T-shirt? I have tons of them!"

"No thanks, And how are you?"

"Well, I started my own cleaning business."


"Yep, my slogan is If I can't clean up your stinkin' dump, no one can! "

"Sounds like a winner."

"Things are looking up, The Dwarfs are finally getting their acts together and slowly  getting back on their feet.
Doc is in Medical school...Gynecology is his goal.
Sneezy developed his own holistic allergy medicine and is about to have his own infomercial.
Grumpy works for the DMV
Happy got a job as an ice cream taster at Ben and Jerry's
Sleepy is selling mattresses at the mall
and Bashful is now a male stripper...tonight we are having an intervention to try to get him out of that life.

"What about Dopey?"

"He's a politician."

"It all makes sense now. Well, It's been such a great visit Snow, but I see by that old hourglass on the wall that it's getting late. I'd better go.

"Awww so soon? Why don't you stay for dinner? I just ordered a pizza."

                          Ding Dong

"Oh good the delivery guy is here"


"Beast, you're the pizza delivery guy?"

"Yes, times are hard even in Fairytale world. Serves us right for electing guys like Dopey."


  1. LOL This was a really cute post. Lots of fun!

  2. That was awesome. Thanks for the creativity, and making me laugh.


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