Thursday, November 03, 2011

Sleepwalking....yep that's the reason

People.....I feel sick.

            And this could have happened one of two ways ..I think.

Somehow during the night I slept walked and called a taxi, because even in my dream state I know you should not sleep and drive. 
                             Now stay with me here.

I must have taken a else did I end up at the airport?

Then I paid for a ticket, and somehow they let me on the plane with just my pajamas.

are you still with me?

We landed a few hours later in beautiful Mexico where I checked into the most gorgeous resort. 

There I met some interesting people and they (not knowing that I was asleep) invited me to go dancing. Of course in my dream state I accepted. I danced the salsa all night....

                                           I got a bit thirsty.

My new found jet setter pals offered to buy me a drink;  you know one of those cute drinks with an umbrella in it?
I don't really drink alcohol so I opted for just WATER.

 Since I was asleep I didn't adhere to the never drink the water in Mexico rule.

I left, got on a plane and then took a cab home none the wiser....until  I awoke with the curse of the king Montezuma.

                    That's what Must of happened. For sure.


Late last night I couldn't resist and I had chocolate chip cookies......and you can't have chocolate chip cookies without milk right?

You SHOULD have them without milk........especially when you have become lactose intolerant.

I like the first story better don't you? UGH my stomach!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well the Mexico story was more fun but I can relate to the milk story...can't tolerate any dairy.... kind of feels like a farmer with a sharp hoe in there scraping away doesn't it?

  2. I am lactose intolerant too and I know the pain you are speaking of. Have you tried lactaid? It is OK for occasional use. Chew the tabs before you start to drink the milk or eat ice cream.

  3. Oh my goodness!! You need to buy Lactaid!!! I LOVE chocolate chip cookies and was just reading in Consumer Reports about which taste the best! Eating them in my sleep, yeah, I could do that!

  4. You my dear are so freaking creative, love the stories!!


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