Monday, November 21, 2011

Fowl Letter


Dear Joanne,

                  I am freezing my patootie off.

                           I thought you were going to pick me up by now, but here I am still waiting.

Have you forgotten?

Do I mean nothing to you?

I know that you are busy, but seriously this is a once a year deal...

              Have you decided to completely ignore me and choose differently?

If I sound a bit desperate it's because I am! I need to know if I will have somewhere to go on Thursday. ...or will I be left here to freeze my giblets off.

I guess what I am asking you still want me?

                                            The frozen Turkey at the supermarket

                  Dear Frozen Turkey,

I am sorry I have been so busy. You see what you may not understand is that the dinner is not the only thing we hosts have to be concerned about. There's the incessant cleaning and preparations of the house (That none of the other inhabitants seems to care to worry about!) 
Guests need to be greeted not only by a welcoming host but also be made to believe that the house ALWAYS looks perfectly put together and gleeming ( in one week's time will yet again resemble a cluttered mess). 

              Do not fret my frozen bird friend I will be by later.

                              And yes I still want you



This post idea came about yesterday as we placed a frozen turkey in the donation basket at church and realized that I had not bought my own turkey. I have been going crazy trying to get the house ready and buying all the extras needed for the meal that I forgot to buy my own bird. So I guess if I don't act soon my family will be eating stuffing stuffed with stuffing for Thanksgiving.    

But then again that could turn into a cool new tradition! Or how about chocolate covered stuffing for dessert? That could totally work!!! Hey...I can sculpt the yams to look like a turkey and liquor up the grown ups so they will never know.'s official I've got Thanksgivingitis....the cure?... delicious leftover turkey sandwiches on Friday November 25th...wait...
                               I DON"T HAVE A TURKEY!!!!!!!!!
                                            gotta go



  1. At first I though it was a letter from one of you children after you forgot to pick them up from somewhere:)

    Happy early Thanksgiving:)

  2. Get that turkey right now Jo, Hurry!!

    I have my Christmas turkey already in the freezer. ;-)

  3. Maybe you could start a new tradition and have grilled cheese sandwiches.

  4. Too funny.....I bet that bird is happy...wishing you a very happy thanksgiving

  5. None of the other inhabitants care about!

    I had to laugh...ain't it the truth!?

    We are blessed to be having Thanksgiving at another location, all I need to do is bring sides:)

  6. we are going out this year so no cooking for us.

    also plz send me your address so i can mail you your prize

  7. Incessant cleaning seems to describe me too. No one else cares:) I like your creative letters!

  8. Great post, Joanne. I could totally go for chocolate covered stuffing! Hope you get that turkey soon!

  9. Hahah! This is a hilarious brilliant post! LOve it. Poor frozen turkey, all alone, waiting...

  10. I am beginning to be really glad I dont have to worry about Thanksgiving here in Australia. I have enough to do in the lead up to Christmas and that is when we will have turkey I think

  11. Great post! This year we are going to a restaurant; all the other relatives are heading to other places. Thank You, God!

  12. Mmmm...chocolate covered stuffing. ;-) Glad you finally got the turkey!

  13. You always make me laugh Joanne. Hope all of you had a great thanksgiving.

  14. OMGosh I'm LOVING that last little picture hehe


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