Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Celebrity Sighting In Aisle 3

        When I lived in the city it was not unusual for me to see the occasional celebrity.

Right off the top of my head I remember seeing Henry Winkler, Cher, Diana Ross, Swoosie Kurtz, Molly Shannon( from Saturday Night Live and the Movie Super Star) Rickie Lake and when I worked in a bakery... Billy Dee Williams
                                                  He came in and told me I was pretty. Obviously that was when I was quite younger and thinner. I responded to his sweet remark by saying...

 " Um Err Thank You Errrr Ummmm HUUM MAN NA, HUUM MAN NA  hee hee hee hee hee hee hee."
                                 Yep, I was Smooth and cool.

I was used to seeing the occasional famous person in the city, but living here in Burb~land It doesn't happen at all. So Imagine my surprise when today as I shopped at my local Stop and Shop right there in the Nature's Promise meat section stood Cindy Williams...you remember her right?

                she played Shirley Feeney of Laverne and Shirley fame. I loved that show!

Well, there she was looking as cute as ever in her little pixie cut.

"Wow, she hasn't aged one bit!" I thought. I wonder what face cream she uses. Maybe she's had some work done."

 I pushed my cart a bit closer down the aisle to get a better glimpse. I wondered what should I say if anything. Should I mention that I never missed an episode? Should I tell her that the bloopers from the show made me laugh till I cried? hmmmm

I moved a bit closer.

                    I was now only half an aisle away.

                                She came into focus.

Cindy Williams AKA Shirley Feeney was in fact a middle school boy with jet black hair.

              This is not the first time I have made a mistake like this. Last summer I waved at a Betty Boop cut-out thinking it was my neighbor working in her yard.

I think I need a stronger eye glass prescription.

But then again....who knows if I don't wear my glasses I may very well run into Laverne. I would be thrilled...

Until I realize I am asking a scarecrow (in a Fall display) for their autograph!


  1. My mind is still reeling that you met Cher, Swoozie Kurtz, and The Fonz! Where did all this happen, anyway? I LOVED Laverne and Shirley!! Have you ever tried milk and Pepsi? No, don't get glasses!!! Then all the fun would go away!

  2. @ Ginny~ I never really talked to Cher. We merely saw her on the street. We were in a car and we saw her and were so excited we yelled out the window "Hey Cher! We love you!" She looked at us crazy girls and smiled and waved. Too Cool.

  3. I loved Laverne and Shirley it was a great show

  4. I get the occasional local celebrity come into work but nobody terribly famous. Very envious of your encounters

  5. Leave the glasses be...look how much fun you're having.

  6. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
    Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated.
    We're gonna do it!

    I loved the Laverne and Shirley show! That is hilarious...I am picturing you inching closer and closer. :-)

  7. Too funny! I loved Shirley and Laverne. It was one of those shows that find you laughing out loud.

  8. What fun seeing all of those celebrities! My son lives in Chicago and he mentions running into celebrities every now and then. His biggest thrill I think was running into the guy that is the chef on that show where they make fun of all of the cooks. I can't think of the name of the show. This was in a Target store and he had a nice chat with the guy.

  9. I want to live where you do that you get to see celebrities i'm still freaking about seeing Cher the only celebrity i see is Bambi or thumper. i'm so jealous

  10. Thanks for the Laugh --- got your message --- see today's post might explain a little ---


    Anything at Anytime

  11. You should have asked him for his autograph, just for fun! ;)

    PS I like the bells and whistles you've got. You provide humor, and teach people how to laugh at themselves.

  12. This really made me laugh. I was so excited for you. I understand too. I almost shouted "hello" to someone I saw at the gym yesterday. Only she wasn't the someone I thought she was. It's kind of fun to lose your keen eyesight with age.
    Thanks for this mood booster, Joanne.

  13. Forget the spectacles, enjoy yourself.

  14. hehe well I'm sure she would love that her face looks as young as a young boy ... lol.

    LOVE her too, I probably would have gone up and looked like a dork.

    Ok I think I need to move to the city to see some ppl!

  15. So glad you stayed so calm and cool with Williams...haha


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