Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving Surprise

All I said was...

 "Hon, do you think you could finish the frame around the bathroom door before Thanksgiving?"

"Sure." He said

That was weeks ago.

Last night I went to bed as he tried to work on the bathroom frame.

This morning I woke up to find this.


He has decided that the bathroom needs a paint job

It's the day before Thanksgiving.

       And we are hosting it.

He was shocked when I reacted like this

Stay calm Joanne stay calm..... and for you all my Bloggy buddies I hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving and remember to give thanks for all your blessings.

I will try to remember this as well. TRY TRY TRY!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. OMG what was he thinking? Hopefully he is home today to get that room painted!

  2. LOL! So typical of husbands. They pick the oddest times to go above and beyond what we ask for. I hope he is planning to do the painting. And, if he doesn't, it will be one of those great stories you laugh about, eventually! Happy Thanksgiving, Joanne.

  3. They just don't get it do they?

  4. Isn't that just like a guy. Bless his heart, I know he will try to have it all done. And you know what? Family and friends won't care if it is finished or not.

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. Men leaving it to the last minute and making a bigger job of it then you thought it was makes you wonder what goes through their Hope you have a great thanksgiving

  6. Oh my! I hope you have the MOST wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend! ♥

  7. You always find the perfect graphics to illustrate your point. Oy, men - will they ever get a clue? (Rhetorical question to which we know the answer).

    Have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.

  8. Oh no! Lol! That is so something my Dad would do. :-) Happy, happy Thanksgiving!!!

  9. That sounds like something my sister would do. She is famous for taking on major projects like painting or redecorating just before she is supposed to host an event.


    Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Lol yeah I can see how that's a problem. :-D

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. too funny. Love it. Happy Thanksgiving to both of you.....

  12. I love it! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

  13. What a guy, see a problem and fixes it right away. cm

    Hope your thanksgiving was as good as ours.

  14. LOL...I understand you...oh yes, I do!
    Men...are in Portugal...quite the same kind os problem.
    But take it easy...
    Calm yourself down....

    have a nice day!

  15. Your husband and mine must be related. LOL Your post cracked me up. I've looked like that, too, and for similar reasons! I guess we need to be grateful that they take the time to fix things at all. And, hey, you'll get a freshly painted bathroom out of the deal! :)

  16. I'm doing home improvement during the holiday weekend too. Must be a guy thing. We'll fix it. Eventually. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  17. LOL my husb DID the same thing projects the day before and day of. He decided to take down tiles in the kitchen and re-grout and put up new ones ... lol


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