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Friday, August 26, 2011

Artsy Fartsy Friday~~~Hand Art

This week's art is all about hands. Specifically Art painted on hands. The first video is incredible...you almost forget they are really hands


This video is all about art on hands but with a purpose. Henna tattooing (not permanent) is mostly associated with the Indian culture and it is used as a ceremonial art form for wedding ceremonies. A tradition of drawing intricate designs on hands and feet with henna is used by brides. The Henna is piped on like a baker decorates a cake and I think Its quite beautiful. I have seen The henna done in just one color but this video displays more. As the henna dries it leaves  behind the impression of the design. It will last for weeks. This one is considered to be quite simple in it's design!


Hope you enjoyed this weeks art. Have a blessed weekend!

                                                        Blessings, Joanne


  1. I had to watch that first clip several times - trying to work out what positions the hands were in to create the illusion! :-)

  2. This is a net art! It looks somewhat painful to me but I am a chicken:)

  3. @ Sue H~Me too! Its pretty interesting how the hands seem to disapear and we only see the image!

    @ Kim @ Stuff could...~~ Oh it doesn't hurt at all. Its a plant dye. I think the worst part is keeping your hand perfectly still. I have trouble with that! :O)

  4. Both videos were amazing. I just recently received an email with the hand art. The henna art is beautiful. I wonder how she keeps from smudging it. I can't even paint my fingernails without smudging at least one! Thanks for sharing those!

  5. You find the NEATEST things!!! I have seen hand art before, but never anything like this, it is really amazing!! And the henna, I have never seen the colored, only brown, which I never liked. But this is beautiful!! Now do you brush it off when it dries, and the pattern is still there?

  6. yet again you blow me away with the things you find on the net! I've always thought the hand art was so cool. The things ppl think up to do.

  7. You are so right--I forgot they were hands when I got to the soccer player(s). Amazing.


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