Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Case of Emergency



On Tuesday we had a bit of an Earth quake. I was washing my hands in the bathroom when I heard my Husband call me

"Joanne did you feel that?"

"Feel what?" I asked. Then he proceeded to tell me that he thought we had had an Earth Quake. My kids ran down from upstairs to say that they had felt their beds shake and the floor vibrated... We live on the Eastern seaboard and so we felt the result of Virginia's 5.9 Quake. The news came on shortly afterwards to indeed confirm it. It seems that everyone felt it....but me.

 I swear I felt nothing! Typical... I have been able to tune out noises like whiny children, complaining spouse, squeaky brakes that alert everyone in a five mile radius that I am coming to a stop, I have slept through horrendous storms, tuned out ignorant bosses and the blah blah blah of a cashier who won't stop talking about her love this.

But as my Husband went to work that afternoon I started to think about what if....what if it had been stronger than what we felt? what if the Earth quake had hit closer? What's our emergency plan?

           Currently this is it
Not good. Don't we have to have extra water and some canned food to last for weeks?
Do I need to stock up on beef jerky?
If we had to evacuate our home what are the things we absolutely need to take with us?
All valid question and I have no stinkin' clue. I mean I have the essentials, but not all in one place. An Emergency kit will assure that we have everything on hand.
In a few days a Hurricane is suppose to make a visit to my area and the news is asking that we take this one very seriously.
So I have done a bit of research and have a list of sites that may help.

Disaster Supplies Kit - FEMA: Are You Ready?

Build a Kit - Are you prepared?

So tommorrow I am off to buy a big tupperware tub and fill it with Essentials

First on the list...Water

Hey, look in case of emergency I need a kit kat to calm my nerves!


  1. I have the water and the chocolate too!! Be very glad you didn't feel or hear it, not a good memory! We were almost right at the center.

  2. There was another eq in Virgina this morning I read. Whew! We are close to the "New Madrid" so that is a bit scary.

    An emergency kit is very smart. Mine needs chocolate.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I need to build one, too! I am so glad you happened by my blog and left such sweet comments. Happy day to you!

  4. My sis in WV and her daughter in Maryland also felt the quake. I am glad you are all safe. Perhaps we all need to go to disaster preparedness classes. I used to go to those when I worked at the AFB.

  5. That is so funny! I would also need chocolate. I thought of you when I heard about the earth quake and I my prayers go out to everyone in the path of Irene.

  6. i'm with you on the chocolate no survival kit should ever be without. that cartoon had me giggling because that is how we would look to.

  7. You need chocolate (may I recommend the Milky Way Caramel" bars) and batteries. Oh yeah, some bottled water and more chocolate.

  8. We were reviewing our survival stuff last night. It did not include chocolate, coffee, tea, or any luxury item. That will have to change!


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